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Synology announces the launch of new hybrid and cloud-based services.

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Synology announces the launch of new hybrid and cloud-based services.

Synology, a data management company, has made a significant push for hybrid and cloud-based storage on its C2 platform.

The company has launched four new cloud services across the platform in order to provide hybrid and cloud-only products such as cloud backup, secure file transfers, directory as a service, and password management.

Additionally, the company plans to open a new data centre in order to better serve the Asia Pacific region. The data centre, which will be located in Taiwan, will bring the C2 platform closer to customers in Asia and the Pacific. According to the company, customers can expect reduced latency and an improved end user experience, similar to how on-premise NAS and SAN solutions benefit edge deployments.

According to Philip Wong, CEO and founder of Synology, “masses of unstructured data are constantly being generated at exponential rates.” Traditional centralised storage architectures are no longer capable of meeting ever-increasing bandwidth and performance requirements.”

“Edge cloud products are one of the fastest growing segments of the market today, owing to their ability to address the unique challenges faced by modern businesses.”

Synology is also releasing DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.0, the operating system that powers the company’s network attached storage (NAS) products. DSM combines storage interoperability, backup and data protection capabilities, as well as robust synchronisation and collaboration solutions, to address the growing distributed nature of workplaces and data sources. Additionally, DSM 7.0 enhances security via the two-factor authentication system Secure SignIn.

New hybrid cloud services, such as Active Insight, a large-scale device monitoring and diagnostics solution, Hybrid Share, which combines C2 storage flexibility and synchronisation capabilities with on-premises solutions, and C2 Identity, a hybrid cloud directory as a service that simplifies cross-site domain management, are being launched in conjunction with DSM 7.0.

Synology Drive, Active Backup, and others are available as DSM add-ons. C2 Password, C2 Transfer, and C2 Backup are additional standalone Synology solutions.

“Four years of deploying and operating our cloud service has enabled us to integrate our data management expertise with new technologies, enabling innovative optimizations that enable us to deliver a reliable but extremely cost-effective solution,” Wong explains.

He adds that the company is now considering a rapid expansion strategy in order to engage more potential customers.

“DSM 7.0 and the newly released C2 expansion demonstrate Synology’s new approach to data management. We will continue to push the boundaries of integration even further, combining the best of on-premises and cloud architectures.”

The new C2 solutions are currently being implemented. DSM 7.0 will be available in the near future.

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