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Subzero introduces the Edge modular flatpack data centre.

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Subzero introduces the Edge modular flatpack data centre.

Subzero Engineering has introduced a flat-packed Edge modular data centre that can be swiftly deployed and adjusted to meet specific customer requirements, liberating users from restrictive single-vendor solutions.

The Essential Edge Micro Data Center is vendor-neutral, allowing users to pick from a variety of configuration options for a small data centre that is provided as a modular room for on-premise implementation. It can be transported in as little as 36 hours and installed in four to six weeks, according to Subzero, who claims the device can also save customers between 20% and 30% on other available solutions. It is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Flexible space

The product is an on-premises data centre with a small footprint that is designed for dispersed and remote infrastructure scenarios and is aimed for colocation, 5G, retail, enterprise, and industrial applications.

It is based on the Essential Series and AisleFrame product lines from Subzero and includes white-glove installation and support, power, cooling, infrastructure conveyance, and containment.

The data centre is contained within a prefabricated, factory-assembled modular room that ships flat packed. Physically secure, the chamber houses mission-critical power and cooling systems.

Within the room, Subzero’s AisleFrame structure can accommodate a range of load needs and is equipped with built-in, configurable confinement, as well as self-supporting ceiling modules and insert panels available in a number of materials.

The system may be configured with ladder racking, busways, fibre trays, and other infrastructure components as needed, and it is capable of supporting hot or cold aisle applications using a variety of cooling methods. It accomplishes this through the use of a high-strength ceiling capable of supporting systems such as overhead computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units. This means that customers can opt for cooling setups based on aisle, row, or rack.

Customers are not restricted to any vendor’s offerings, but can select their own power and cooling infrastructure configurations. According to Subzero, this avoids a rigid single-vendor strategy, which can be restrictive inside the boundaries of a containerized system, while allowing the user to standardise and reap the benefits of scale.

“The Essential Micro Data Center’s adaptable design makes it an ideal alternative for customers seeking an alternative to the rigid and expensive pre-integrated solutions currently available,” said Sam Prudhomme, vice president of sales and marketing at Subzero Engineering. “Our vendor-neutral approach to component specification, combined with our rapid deployment and installation speeds and low total cost of ownership, enables customers to really define and grow the edge on their terms.”

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