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Captain Anuj Nayyar, MVC 

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Captain Anuj NayyarMVC (August 28, 1975 – July 7, 1999) was an Indian Army officer of 17 Jat who was posthumously awarded the Maha Vir Chakra, India’s second highest gallantry award, for exemplary valour in combat during operations in the Kargil War in 1999.

Anuj Nayyar , 17 jat

Anuj Nayyar was born and grew up in Delhi, India. His father, S.K. Nayyar, worked as a visiting professor in Delhi School of Economics while his mother, Meena Nayyar, worked for the South Campus library of Delhi University.

Nayyar received his high-school education from Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan (1993 batch). He was a bright student who consistently performed well in academics and sports. He graduated from the National Defence Academy (90th course, Echo Squadron) and later was commissioned into the 17th battalion, Jat Regiment (17 Jat) in June 1997 from the Indian Military Academy (100 Reg).

Kargil conflict

A large infiltration of Pakistani military and paramilitary personnel was reported in 1999 in Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir. The Indian army swiftly prepared to expel the Pakistani infiltrators. 17 Jat was one of the deploying battalions. As part of the Pimple Complex, Anuj Nayyar’s first major operation was to secure Pimple II, a key hill in the Mushkoh Valley.

Securing Point 4875 was a major objective for the Indian Army. The mountain, at 15,990 feet, has exceptionally steep slopes, making airborne capture difficult. On July 6, C Coy, 17 Jat, led by Nayyar, determined to seize the summit without waiting for aircraft help.


Anuj Nayyar’s company commander was injured during the initial attack on Pimple II, so he took charge. The lead section reported 3-4 hostile bunkers as the unit approached under intense enemy artillery and mortar fire. A rocket launcher and grenades later, Nayyar had demolished the first bunker. Under intense fire, he led a 7-man lead section to demolish two additional bunkers. Nayyar killed 9 Pakistani soldiers and destroyed 3 MMG bunkers. The group then attacked the final remaining bunker, but an enemy RPG killed Anuj Nayyar immediately. During the fight for Pimple Complex, 46 Pakistani regular forces, an unknown number of paramilitary and militant Pakistanis, and 11 Indian troops, including Capt. Anuj Nayyar, were killed. Pimple Complex was retaken, forcing Pakistan to retire over the Line of Control.

Maha Vir Chakra citation

On 06 July 1999, Charlie Company was tasked to capture an objective, which was a part of the Pimple Complex on the Western Slopes of Point 4875, in the Mushkoh Valley. At the beginning of the attack the Company Commander got injured and the command of the company devolved on Captain Anuj Nayyar. Captain Anuj Nayyar continued to command his leading platoon into the attack under heavy enemy artillery and mortar fire. As the platoon advanced, the leading section reported location of 3 to 4 enemy positions. Captain Nayyar moved forward towards the first enemy position and fired rocket launcher and lobbed grenades into it.

Thereafter, the section, along with Captain Nayyar, physically assaulted and cleared the position. The enemy, which was well entrenched, brought a heavy volume of automatic fire. Captain Anuj Nayyar, unmindful of his personal safety, motivated his men and cleared two more enemy positions. While clearing the fourth position an enemy rocket propelled grenade hit the officer killing him on the spot. This action led by Captain Anuj Nayyar resulted in killing nine enemy soldiers and destruction of three medium machine gun positions of the enemy. The success of this operation after a brief setback was largely due to the outstanding personal bravery and exemplary junior leadership of this daring officer. Captain Anuj Nayyar displayed indomitable resolve, grit and determination and motivated his command by personal example acting beyond the call of duty and made the supreme sacrifice in true traditions of the Indian Army.


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