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NTT plans $2 billion data center investment in India, aims to double data capacity

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NTT plans $2 billion data center investment in India, aims to double data capacity

Over the next three years, NTT plans to invest heavily in its Indian data center market, including $400 million in solar projects.

In the next three years, the company plans to add 2.5 million square feet (232,000 square meters) of space and invest $2 billion on data centers, networks, and solar projects in the region.

NTT has major ambitions for India’s data centers.

NTT India, NTT Communications India, and NTT-Netmagic were combined into one entity at the start of 2021, and the company plans to expand its data business in the region. NTT India’s CEO, Sharad Sanghi, stated that the company plans to increase its footprint from 1.5 million sq ft (139,000 sq m) across 10 centers in four cities to 2.5 million sq ft (232,000 sq m) and reach four more cities.

Over the next three years, the company expects to build six more data center parks. Mahape, Airoli, and Chandivali (all in Navi Mumbai) are currently under development, with more planned in Chennai, Delhi, and Bengaluru. The company is also interested in expanding into Hyderabad and Pune, but will wait before demand increases.

A total of $400 million will be invested to increase green power generation capacity from 150MW to 250MW, as well as $100 million to build new undersea cable landing ports in Chennai, Mumbai, and Khandala, Gujarat.

The company intends to build a 70-megawatt data center in Noida and a 38-megawatt data center in Mumbai. According to Bruno Berti, vice president of product management at NTT Global Data Centers, the Covid-19 pandemic caused an increase in demand, with customers wanting “double or triple” capacity.

An influx of data center investment is currently taking place in India. In recent weeks, NTT, Princeton Digital Group, Iron Mountain, EdgeConneX, and Hiranandani Group have all made major data center announcements in India.


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