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Cloudflare and GlobalDots have partnered to provide SOC as-a-service to businesses and organisations.

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Cloudflare and GlobalDots have partnered to provide SOC as-a-service to businesses and organisations.

GlobalDots has partnered with Cloudflare to offer businesses and organisations Security Operation Centers (SOC) as a service.

The partnership demonstrates that CloudFlare, a provider of web infrastructure and website security services based in the United States, recognises GlobalDots solutions in a variety of as-a-service domains, including Managed Cloud Services, DevOps services, and NOC.

Security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and state-level actors are posing a global threat to organisations. Companies of all sizes are scrambling to hire in-house security engineers, but GlobalDots reports that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find candidates with the high-demand experience. According to GlobalDots, businesses, particularly fast-growing ones, are now outsourcing and seeking SOC as-a-service.

GlobalDots will continue to provide professional services to CloudFlare in support of the company’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation, web security products, and Dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) (DDNS). After receiving training on Cloudflare solutions, the GlobalDots professional team can provide Managed Security Service Provider offerings to CloudFlare customers worldwide, including ongoing hands-on keyboard configuration updates and fine-tuning.

The organisations will also assist customers with complementary security solutions, including cloud workload protection, API security, and open source & code security.

Engineers at GlobalDots intend to integrate with third-party security tools, services, analytics, and SIEM platforms, including Splunk, Sumo Logic, and others. Through these benefits, GlobalDots will provide a holistic view of a customer’s threat profile that is not limited to Cloudflare solutions.

“We are honoured to partner with CloudFlare on this innovative offering,” says Yuval Rachlin, Founder & CEO of GlobalDots.

“It complements our already diverse portfolio of Edge, Cloud, and Networking services perfectly. We are extremely appreciative of Cloudflare’s decision to participate in this programme, and we intend to leverage GlobalDots’ global reach to make it a success. As one of the most advanced network providers with whom we work, we are confident that our clients will benefit greatly from CloudFlare’s SOC-as-a-service.”

Thorsten Deutrich, GlobalDots’ VP of Sales, expresses excitement about the company’s partnership with Cloudflare as a Managed Security Service Provider.

GlobalDots has experience working with some of the world’s most frequently visited and attacked web properties. Our cybersecurity expertise, when combined with Cloudflare’s enterprise-grade products, will ensure the success of this partnership,” Deutrich says.

According to CloudFlare’s Head of Support, Otto Imken, “it’s difficult to overstate the internet’s importance as a primary channel for many businesses.”

“With today’s volume of data, you need a dependable mechanism to sift through all traffic and more easily identify attacks. Even with the most advanced tools, this can be a lengthy process. And that is prior to responding to and mitigating those attacks.”

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