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Milmila – India’s 1st Cross-Border Reseller Platform

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A Brief Note on your start up MilMila Tech India?

In September 2017, “Milmila Tech India Pvt Ltd” was originated by Mr. Prasun Sarkar (Former India head for Buyer Operations in Alibaba), with a very strong objective to empower the small and medium Resellers in India. In a brief, MilMila Tech is a cross border social e-commerce platform, empowering the Resellers with thousands of local and global products, to achieve a very handsome income with zero investment. Mr. Prasun Sarkar quit Alibaba post 7 years of service in Alibaba, China to start “Milmila Tech India”. He started with offline B2B and then today Milmila has a smart S2B2C Business Model.

Just in 2years Milmila & Prasun Sarkar has built a strong and transparent platform where the seller can onboard its product to promote his products all over. Milmila is growing slowly in terms of fulfilling its objective to provide the income source to next-gen youths & lower middle class. Milmila owns 1Million+ registered users, 50000+ B2B Customers and Millions of resellers. The youth can not only be dependent jobs on different sectors, Milmila is taking Indian e-commerce to a new height of the business. Milmila is growing with empowering new-age India.

Tell us everything about your company, what does it do? What were the challenges of setting up and scale? How did you overcome them?

Since the B2B market in India is messy and unprincipled, Identifying Trusted B2B Customers who could able to collaborate and quality transactions consistently were the first challenge for us. But we are glad to have a strong process laid down for controlling the entire transactions, which has helped us in filtering out only with the best wholesale customers. And still, we have the B2B offline which runs on its own.

On another side, finding customers who always have the challenges to source quality products from cross-border and always have to be dependent on a middle-man. So Milmila’s objective to supply their demands without the middle man with the best quality and effective cost. To overcome these, Milmila had to build a transparent system. Hence Milmila has built the AFQ system to empower small and medium businesses.

Milmila platform has a model of a new concept of S2B2C, providing cross border service and solutions for e-commerce.

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Give us a background of your core team along with the total strength of MilMila Tech India?

The core team of Mimila possesses years of experience, innovations, and values. The team groups with Ex-Alibaba, Ex-Yatra, Ex-Flipkart and Ex-123 Stores. Years of experience keeps us inventing new ideas with the edge of execution. Transparency and Intelligence is the weapon of our core team.

Milmila has three offices in Bangalore, Delhi, and Hangzhou (China) along with 40+ employees

The Advisor, Mentor and Well-wisher of the organisation is Mr. Bhushan Patil (Ex Alibaba / Ex Paytm)

What is the business model of MilMila Tech India and how does it work?

Milmila has started with the “B2B” and “B2C” segment to create a very unique and effective model called S2B2C, which is very popular in cross-border and the model directly empowers the B2B customers without any middle man.

In the current scenario, there is no transparency in B2B sector in terms of deals and payment. Milmila provides transparent global sourcing and reselling solution for the employment seekers, with zero investment.

Some of our milestones are: Milmila has 1million+ register users, 50000+ B2B customers and over 1million+ Resellers.

What is the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors and what’s your revenue model?

We do not cogitate that we have any competitors in India yet as our model is very exceptional and generally other reselling e-commerce organizations talk about extra income, but we are building new India where the resellers can earn full time as their own business. Even people can keep earning without selling or reselling anything. This is what makes us very different. We are making a platform not for today or tomorrow – it’s for day after tomorrow.

Revenue Model – Milmila is Reselling Ecommerce Platform, where thousands of sellers listed their products. Milmila charges the shipping charges and a very minimum 10-15% commission on sales. Milmila also list the featured & unique products across the globe which is not available in any platform with a healthy margin of 50 – 100%(Depends)

What were the challenges you faced during your journey and how did you overcome them?

Faced 3 Main challenges

  1. Quality resource – There is no ready resource for the S2B2C business model, takes long time to train and get the quality & professionalism from the resources.

Put special focus on mentoring and training to make the people deliver the quality

  1. Transparency – People are emotional and diplomatic while it’s a question of employment or business, really tough to judge their next move, makes things lengthy or failed most of the times.

Implemented the philosophy of “Giving first – expectation second”. Helping to create the bonding and able to generate the transparency.

  1. Trust – Without trust, its impossible to grow any business but this is one of the most challenge any startup face, as we did the same.

Still working on our core 7 Values(Customer First, Team work, Empower, Embrace Change, Passion, Honesty & Commitment) to overcome this, and we believe time will make us success.

What are the services offered to the customers?

  1. Milmila avails the best and unique global products in India, which are very rare.
  2. Resellers can build a Team of shoppers or resellers to earn effortlessly.
  3. Free and target based membership model(Trainee, Supervisor, Manager & Partner) from the day 1.

Milmila has a strong platform which gives the small and medium sellers an opportunity to grow their business. In spite of that Milmila empowers the young India in terms of self-employment, where a reseller earns min Rs 15000 per month.

What is your Future plan? And how do you see your Startup in the coming years?

Our aim is to become India’s most trusted reselling social ecommerce by 2025. In coming year, we believe in rapid expansion covering all pin codes in India(T2 & T3 focused) and providing income to 3 million Resellers. For next phase, we have few undisclosed plans which would be announced on timely manner.

Finally your advice for Budding Entrepreneurs?

Believing in yourself and consistency are the keys to Success. You must not stop trying if you even fail multiple time. Have patience to overcome and think positive in negative scenarios.

Specially I believe on – “Steady before your start” & “Compete yourself – Make things better than yesterday, deliver the best day after tomorrow.”

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