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5 Indian Start-Ups that are Revolutionizing The Concept Of Urban Farming

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5 Indian Start-Ups that are Revolutionizing The Concept Of Urban Farming

Growing urbanization has pushed farms out of the towns to the peripheries in India. But a new breed of farmers is taking farming by storm by helping us harvest superfoods sans chemicals and pesticides in our kitchen. Meet some of the urban farmers from around the country who ensure that these tiny shoots or microgreens provide a palate full of health, wealth and goodness.

Hamsa V and Nithin Sagi broke away from their lucrative IT jobs with Infosys India to pursue their dreams. Sagi had earlier taken up food photography and later partnered with Hamsa to open Growing Greens. The company is a business-to-business venture that sells microgreens, edible flowers, salad leaves, sprouts and herbs to five-star hotels, high-end restaurants and cafes in Bengaluru India. “When we had started back in 2012, hotels would import microgreens from other countries due to the lack of local produce,” shares Hamsa.

Microgreens are young, small-sized, approximately one to three inched, tall vegetable greens with an aromatic flavour that chefs mostly use to decorate and dress food. These young plants are said to have concentrated nutrient levels that can go 40 times higher than the normal size produce.

Sagi and Hamsa did thorough market research before starting Growing Greens. They interacted with various chefs to understand their requirements and, in the process, were introduced to microgreens. Hamsa recalls, “Chef Manu Chandra helped us immensely in our journey. He was also our first client.” Growing Greens has grown gradually and consistently over the years. Sagi shares, “We started from a small terrace and today we are farming in four acres of land. We plan to take it up to 10 acres in the next two to three years.”

Hamsa V and Nitin Sagi, Founders, Growing Greens

Soil-less Cultivation for Urban Dwellers

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