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Intugine Technologies – founded by a team of IIT Kharagpur droupouts

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Intugine Technologies and its team are a bunch of highly motivated people sitting in Namma Bangalore and transforming logistics industry. Started in 2013, Intugine Technologies is a Bangalore based company pioneering in motion sensing and IoT technologies. On a mission to revolutionize the logistics sector in India, they aim to digitize and revamp the industry through their trailblazing technologies with a highly dedicated team of experts.

A Brief Note on Intugine Technologies and its growth story?

The journey of Intugine Technologies started in 2013 when we as students felt the need to develop IoT technologies and motion sensing a revolutionary way to operate computers. Thus, Nimble was born, a smart ring with motion, gesture, and voice recognition capabilities. The company won various accolades and prizes including ‘TiE, Global- Asia Rising Star’; ‘TiE, Global- International Business Plan Competition’ and was the winner of Startup Showcase Competition held by Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIT Kharagpur.

Our expertise in motion sensing ,IoT Technologies and trailblazing technologies bagged us several intriguing and challenging projects. It all changed when Flipkart approached with a unique problem regarding the inability to track Ad-hoc Vehicles for long haul trips. When our team approached the problem, they found out that the logistics sector India lacks far more than it’s foreign counterparts in terms of motion sensing technologies. Our team developed a unique solution with the ability to track non-GPS based Marketplace vehicles completely erasing human dependency.

It might confuse many reading about our journey from a gesture control ring to helping companies tackle the hurdles in logistics industry through tech, but that’s the gist of Intugine’s story. Being a young team we have learned from our experiences and to be honest that’s been very challenging and fulfilling at the same time. After actually doing things we learned what might work and what might not.

Tell us everything about your company, what does it do? What were the challenges of setting up and scale? How did you overcome them?

Acknowledging our motto, Logistics through Innovation, we are in an endeavour to build a one-stop platform to provide an end to end solutions for all the needs of the logistics industry.Here at Intugine, we are working to make the industry more transparent and keeping up with increasing consumers’ demand, while employing the modern tools and trailblazing technologies to build a powerful visibility tool to cater for dynamic nature of logistics industry of India.

We help the shippers to get the visibility of their good’s movement from Indent to EPOD  through our cost-effective tech and integrated platform. Our deep learning model provides deep insights about ETAs, Delay and Delay Impact, Lane reports and Transporters’ scorecard, helping enterprises to plan and optimise better.

We have been working towards digitising the highly unorganised logistics space. With expertise in IoT technologies and our trailblazing technologies we are able to track, model and predict the behaviour of third-party vehicles hired by manufacturers, ecommerce businesses and shippers, helping them plan better and operate more efficiently.

Pre  logistics period we were facing lots of issues which were pertinent to any innovative hardware startup in India, but post logistics period has been really great. As the identification of logistics sector as one of the market in dire need of innovation and technology gave us real purpose and we channeled our energy and deep domain expertise to disrupt the way logistics happens in this country.

Give us a background of your core team along with the total strength of Intugine Technologies.

This is interesting, to be honest our core team consists of people from different backgrounds but the overall drive to come together and work for intugine is same  in everyone which is that each one of us were not made for the normal 9-5 jobs.

Harshit, Ayush and I started intugine in college days itself, Harshit and Ayush both dropped out from IIT Kharagpur to do the same, I was able to complete my graduation as i was pursuing a 3year course in SRCC , Delhi university.

Apart from this we had Atharva to drive sales, Mayank to lead the software team, Vikas to set up operations and implementation team and Waquar to work on the IOT products.

Startup is a team game i feel and if you have a great team i can confidently say that no matter how many failures comes your way , sooner or later you will excel.

Advisors & Mentors

Rajul Jain Co-Founder,Co-Founder,INCREFF

Kanav Hasija, Co-Founder Innovaccer

Pramod Gupta, CFO and Head of Logistics, Arvind Fashions

What is the business model of Intugine Technologies and how does it work?

We have a monthly subscription based business model where we are charging the shippers on the basis of the number of trips coming to our platform.

Recognitions & Awards:

TiE, Global- Asia Rising Star’

Winner of Startup Showcase Competition held by Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIT Kharagpur and IIT delhi.

What is the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors and what’s your revenue model?

It’s always been our strength in IOT and the overall service standards we have set considering the level of importance for operations in logistics.Also while, most players in the market have tried to solve the logistics tracking problem from a supplier or driver side, Intugine is solving from the demand side. Some of the clients for the startup includes Flipkart, Myntra, Furlenco, Philips, and Mahindra Logistics.

How are you funded?

We have raised through two angel rounds and will be doing a series round in the next six months , in terms of revenue we are on track with our goals.

What are the services offered to the customers?

We have offerings ranging from Track and Trace through our cell based tracking modules to digitisation modules such as indent management , load optimiser, planning and route optimiser, EPOD and in plant tracking.

What is your Future plan? And how do you see your Startup in the coming years?

It’s very simple actually, we want to bring 50% of the intercity marketplace trucking trips on to our platform and Digitize, manage and optimise these transactions at a single place.

Finally your advice for Budding Entrepreneurs?

Focus on setting & achieving small meaningful goals and just enjoy the overall process and journey. End result is something which depends upon lots of external factors as well but how you do things is something on which you have complete control and that’s one of the reason people do startups.

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