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Hireacamp – A Dehradun Dropout redefining camping with X-factor

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Kashish Pahwa Founder of Hireacamp – A unique start up from Uttarakhand redefining the camping experience. It’s dedicated for Travellers. Hireacamp Opens up a new world of outdoor adventures from places to camp, hike, bike to mention a few.

Let’s discuss with the founder Kashish Pahwa to know more.


Kashish Pahwa can you give us a brief note on your Start Up “HireAcamp” and it’s growth story?

HireAcamp is India’s smartest network of camping pitches. It’s an organisation that rundowns the best campgrounds accessible to give our clients an otherworldly experience. These campgrounds can be booked as easy as 1-2-3 using our beautiful Web app or AI chatbots on various platforms. We also have a smart assistant, Wizard Hirey, that lets our clients find their preferred destination.

Was propelled in May 2019, we began with 4 campgrounds and now we have 200+ destinations.

We have gained 25k+ supporters on our online platform in a range of 5-6months.

With 200 inquiries and 50 bookings for each day, it has been developing into an unfathomable organisation.

Where do you see your Start Up in the next 5 years?

We eye for a GMV of 50 crores.

These 5 years we’ve set it as an opportunity to prepare our workforce and keep our business competitive. The years to come will be very interesting, working towards something mind-blowing, and we call it Camping with X-factor.

We would expand and standardize our organisation all over India, furnishing great quality service with the safety of our clients being our priority. Our goal is likewise to make it so friendly that everyone can experience camping irrespective of their age.

Talk about your journey

It all began with a day at engineering college, with the least enthusiasm to even step into the grounds. I realised this place isn’t for me. I was encompassed with students/people with just one mindset, with constrained reasoning which was up to having a job.

I was clear, I didn’t need 9 to 5. I needed from when I open my eyes to when I close my eyes. I wasn’t certain with what will I come up with, but I definitely would not like to work under somebody.

Quick forward to a specific day where I was looking for campgrounds to go with friends, and shockingly there weren’t any promising sites. This caused me to do somewhat more research and I thought of a thought on needing to make a platform as such. Also, with bunches of endeavours, hireAcamp was created.

Kashish Pahwa, Hireacamp, Start Up, Founder,

How did your parents react to your decision of dropping out?

I dropped out of college and didn’t let my parents know about it for a truly lengthy timespan.

I would leave from home at the standard time of college every day and spend time at a distant cafe for 4 to 5 hours blogging and sipping on some coffee, earning enough for my everyday expenses.

After a long while, my parents discovered and were frantic at me, and it was reasonable. Initially, they didn’t want to support me on my idea of dropping out. But I didn’t give up, it took time but I succeeded in making them understand that I wouldn’t want to do something that I didn’t want to, just for the sake of the society.

The process was indeed difficult, but not impossible.

As we don’t see a lot of Indians dropping out, would you call your self a rebel?

Yes, you can say that I am born rebel. Stating my personal view, I feel that we don’t see many students dropping out of college due to the dread in them, the dread of family, society, and failure.

I’ve never liked the way the society worked, I constantly needed to accomplish something else.

There is this one statement of Steve Jobs that flipped my life, genuinely in a positive manner, which is, “Once you discover one single fact, and that is everything around you that you call life, was made up by people that were no smarter than you.”

The society’s rules of when to graduate, when to get married, when to seek after our dreams is only a round of Simon says which I wasn’t prepared to play. I had arranged my very own game, an insubordinate one, yet something wherein I would splendidly fit in.

How did you find your co-founder?

I was searching for developers, I interviewed numerous applicants, however the one in particular that caught me off guard was Mitul Agrawal, the person who belonged to a small town known as Tanakpur, which lacked privileges, belonging to such a remote place and getting the hang of coding without any source on a Nokia 3110c phone, amazed me.

This person is remarkable at his job, he could build an entire website / application, the front end just as the back end, with no one’s help. I wouldn’t find a better co-founder than Mitul. In structuring a product, he is as passionate as me.

What’s your revenue model as well as your business model Kashish Pahwa?

HireAcamp is India’s first platform which provides instant and bother free booking. We choose the campgrounds dependent on specific criteria.

We charge the camp keepers a certain amount of commission on the bookings done by us, in turn we furnish them with standardising their camps and furthermore with technical assistance.

How are you funded?

HireAcamp is a completely bootstrapped and self-funded organisation, which was a positive start as I didn’t have to rely on anyone for a while.

Finally your advice to the budding entrepreneurs.

Society is going to pressurise you yet you have to confront it and bear the weight. On the off chance that you can’t handle the weight, know that entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

Society won’t support you, they’ll mock you, walk over you. In the end, it shouldn’t matter to you. I recommend you to pursue your dreams, accomplish your goals even if it makes you drop out of college.

If you are interested to know more about this start up you can mail into (or) Reach out to the founders:

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