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Sathsangama – Supporting fellow beings during Covid Crisis

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Narendran the driving force behind Sathsangama is another interesting Inspired life that we met. We discussed on their work & various activities that they undertook during Covid 19 lockdown. Based on our discussion with Narendran we have summarised the work done by Sathsangama.


Sathsangama an Introduction:-

Sathsangama is an organisation of malayalees who are proud of our country and it is advanced culture. It is functioning for the last 28 years. Most of the malayalees in Chennai are destined to be away from the protective cover of the joint families. They are organising themselves in many ways to minimise the strain of seclusion. They join together in the name of the immediate locality or community.
It is but natural that such organisations suffer from certain innate inadequacies. Satsangama’s ambience is very wide and hence individuals, families and organisations based on different localities and communities can also be part of it. While retaining the “Keraleeyatha” satsangama aims at moulding individuals to be proud of Indian culture and heritage. Main cause of the problem facing our nation today is that it is not realising that Indian culture itself is our “Deseeyatha”. The moment we accept this truth, our people will be overwhelmed by the patriotism, breaking the the banters of caste, religion and politics. This will solve the present problems faced by us.

Sathsangama is also encouraging the children and youth to give expressions to the latent talents in various fields of activities. If individual capabilities are made to contain in oneself, they may pollute the mind by hindering its natural development.if such talents are channelised through service that will emit the fragrance of emotional satisfaction, which in turn will result in sprouting our culture and patriotism. Then alone one can feel the fulfillment of the purpose of one’s birth. if we are prepared to allot regularly a definite portion of our precious time ,thinking, efforts, and income towards the cause of our national and cultural activities, then only we would be fit to be called citizens of this great country. Organisations are the means to gain strength. Very few are able to restrain from misuse of that strength. Every organisation will have its own aim and plan of action to achieve the same. many organisation are existing only to fight for the deserving and undeserving rights of its members even at the cost of the society and country. They all based on hatred and competition.we are also familiar of some strong organisations that are trying by various temptation and fraudulent methods to attract the innocent and poor people to bring them under the religious clutch. Such Organisations are dangerous to our social well being and even to our national security. We have to protect our Dharma first; then only that Dharma will be able to protect us.the Statement ‘dharmo rakshathi rakshitah’ assures the same.
The member of the sathsangama regularly meet on Sundays to strengthen the fraternity.Social work is like a wonderful mirror which will reflect the personal qualities of the worker in reduced dimension, wild magnifying inadequacies manifold. As we give importance to personal character in sathsangama , the opportunities for self refinement are more. Thus Sathsangama is a forum for promoting cultured efficiency and molding strong patriotic fervour of every participant.

Covid 19 activities:-

Sathsangama has with a steely resolve responded swiftly with self-less social service to every crisis situation that Chennai city has had to face. Now, a dangerous and widespread epidemic China virus (Corona / Covid-19) has swept many parts of the world, including India and Chennai within it. Very elaborate preventive measures and protocols have been prescribed by the medical as well as civic authorities to halt and roll back this epidemic. The disease preventive measures instituted by the Union and state governments are fully installed and working effectively. The 15 Zones of Chennai Corporation have been divided into 7 areas, namely, Thiruvottiyur, Perambur, Ambattur, Vadapalani, T Nagar, Medavakkam and Tambaram and relief work is proceeding at a brisk pace. Some of the relief works have been listed here below.

  •  Sringeri Mutt, Annanagar Ayyappaswami Temple, Annapoorna Mutt and other religious establishments have contributed around 2000 packets of cooked food and delivered to homes and also to homeless dwellers.
  • For self-protection from Corona pandemic, personal protection materials like masks, sanitizers, gloves etc have been sourced. Many sangh families have made masks at their homes. These have been distributed to the frontline warriors in the fight against the pandemic, the medical staff, paramedical staff, corporation workers, police personnel and inspecting authorities.
  • Single youngsters who came to Chennai for education or for employment were provided cooking gas cylinders, vessels for cooking and other essential things.
  • Essential medicines were supplied to geriatric patients and others having chronic diseases like heart ailments, hyperglycemia etc.
  • Standing outside, exposed to the elements and on constant day and night patrol, are our ever vigilant police personnel enforcing the lockdown and performing civic duties such as providing essential services. To protect their health and fortify their own immunity systems, the police personnel were provided ayurvedic drinks, which included ginger and other medicinal herbs.
  • The lockdown of the population was deemed essential by the government to stop the rapidly spreading pandemic in the country. However, the lockdown has prevented the economic activity as well. This has placed the various strata of our society under severe economic strain. The economically weaker families have been put under severe distress due to closing down of all venues for earning their daily meal. These destitute families were supplied with kits containing rice provisions and vegetables.
  • Many people who had come to Chennai for medical treatment had to stay put, unable to return to their homes, due to the unexpected and unprecedented lockdown. These patients and their attendants were given ambulances and the necessary movement passes were obtained from police authorities for their safe and unhindered travel to their homes across the district and state borders.
  • Differently-abled persons resident in Kattoor village were supplied with over 500 packets of food on a daily basis.
  • Supplied 250 Ration Kits to Kattoor Village for DIVYANG’sSathsangama

Sathsangama activists have been, by the grace of God, selflessly and continuously performing several more social service activities, without any pomp or fanfare, for the betterment of the lives of the people of this mighty country, this ancient civilization.

Sathsangama has lots of youngsters, active, dynamic and idealistic at heart. There are also professionals and elder people of repute and public standing. They have all volunteered their services for national rejuvenation. The social service that they are rendering during this China Virus pandemic has showed them that the traditions and practices of their ancestors regarding cleanliness, hygiene habits of washing their feet before entering their house, bathing after an outing, folding the hands in Namaste while greeting, yoga-abhyas, ayurvedic herbal cures have a clear scientific basis. Other countries are becoming aware of the wisdom of our ancient rishi-muni and honouring our country for the gifts of knowledge that they have received from us. This pandemic has taught Sathsangama activists so much more about our neglected customs and traditions. Now we feel that we have a lot more to offer in the realm of community service.

The fight against the community spread of the pandemic will be long and protracted. While we dedicate our time and efforts to saving our people from disease and death, we also realise that this is a cooperative and collaborative effort which will require a continuous flow of funds from the general public for purchase of equipments and materials.

If you wish to support Sathsangama and Narendran you may contribute at

Account Details to Donate! 


Ac No – 0282053000018971

Bank – South Indian Bank , Anna Nagar Branch

IFSC Code – SIBL0000282

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