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IAF – A flamboyant Career Option

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IAF – A flamboyant Career Option

IAF – Here is an opportunity to dedicate yourself to the honour and glory of our motherland, as a defender of the sovereign skies.

Become a part of the noblest and most selfless of professions – the Indian Air Force (IAF), where your pledge to protect the frontiers of our airspace, where your bravery, daring, grit, and never say die spirit are tested each and every day in every conceivable situation to bring out the best.

We have openings for bright young men and women who aspire to soar the wild blue yonder. A career with the IAF makes men air warriors, ready to face any challenge. Be an important element in our conversion from Air Power to Aerospace Power!

Could it be you? We present an overview of career opportunities in the Indian Air Force.

IAF Flying Branch

Aim to soar high.

Imagine flying faster than the speed of sound, skimming over tree tops, touching the sky with glory and landing in unexplored areas, all of which you can do, as an Air Force Pilot. You can serve the nation by engaging the enemy, flying in support of Army and Navy operations, para-dropping supplies to troops in forward posts and carrying out missions during natural calamities by dripping relief supplies or evacuating casualties.

As a Fighter Pilot in the IAF, you can fly state of the art fighter aircraft like the Su-30MKI, Mirage-2000, Jaguar and the MiG family. If your inclination is towards flying transport aircraft, we offer you the best in C-117, C-130J, IL-76, IL-78 etc. You can also  become  a  Helicopter Pilot and fly Mi-17, Mi-26, Mi-35 heli-gunships etc.

As a Flying Branch officer after being commissioned in the rank of Flying Officer you start flying as a Squadron Pilot. With experience and seniority, your role and responsibilities increase, whereby one may become a Flying Instructor, Flight Commander, Squadron Commander and later on, a Station Commander. Based on performance and seniority, you could aspire to be promoted to the highest ranks of Air Marshal and Air Chief-Marshal.

IAF Technical Branch

Engineer your future.

On completion of your engineering degree, when you are on the lookout for a challenging career, you will find that only a few organisations can match the combination of a rewarding career and an opportunity to serve the nation. The Indian Air Force is the only one that offers a challenging and rewarding career as well as an opportunity to serve the nation in its Technical Branch. A commission in this cadre would mean coming face to face with advanced technologies in terms of highly sophisticated aircraft and equipment. Here, you would deal with aircraft, weapon systems, communications and offer support systems. You the IAF in peak operational readiness. One should also be able to maintain and muster the resources in respect of the entire technical facilities from ground to air. Engineer your future with professional training and touch the heights of greater glory.

As a Technical Branch Officer, you will join the Air Force in the rank of a Flying Officer and will be directly involved with engineering activities. As one grows in the service and gains experience, one is entrusted with additional responsibilities of supervising and training juniors. The IAF plans your career well by offering you various courses and higher technical qualifications, so that you are able to fulfil your aspirations as the best in the field.

Ground Duty Branch

Operational support group.

The science  of  management and administration originated from ancient Armies Managing men and material in the most adverse conditions of war demand the best in quality of leadership and human skills.

In addition to the sophisticated aircraft and weapons, the Indian Air Force has an Operational Support Group comprising of highly trained  and qualified professionals responsible for keeping the operations on. Officers of the Ground Duty Branches have a  crucial role in managing men, finance, material, creation of educational facilities for better Human  Resource  Development and provisioning of equipment, ration and clothing for them.

The officers in Met and ATC/FC Branches are also responsible for unravelling the mysteries of weather for safe aviation, controlling air traffic environment and assertive interaction with fighter aircraft in combat roles.

Women in IAF

Give wings to your dreams

There is an increasing public demand for greater participation by women in all fields. The evolving new woman is discovering a whole new self. She is storming male citadels everywhere, and the Defence services are not left untouched.

The IAF offers Short Service Commission (SSC) for women in all its Branches viz. Flying, Technical and Ground Duty Branches. In the Flying Branch, engagement period will be 14 years with no extension and in the Technical & Ground Duty Branches for a period of 10 years which may be extended for four years subject to willingness, service requirements and availability of vacancies.

SSC officers of Accounts, Education and Technical branches may be considered for grant of permanent commission based on vacancies, service requirements, suitability, merit and willingness. After undergoing an exhaustive and rigorous training schedule at various training establishments, women officers are ready to take an exciting and challenging career in the IAF. During their tenure they are subjected  to  various professional challenges.

They are placed at various IAF bases and squadrons across the country as Pilots, Engineers or Ground Duty officers. They confront various peace time exercises on the ground and in the air, and real time exercises at various operational locations. Most of the women officers have not only proved their worth in their respective professions but also stepped into the world of adventure sports like sky diving, scaling mountains, para-jumping etc.

Today’s women, who are willing to bear an equal burden as men, can achieve whatever goals they desire and what better opportunity than the Indian Air Force. Age and educational qualification criteria are same as applicable to male candidates in all the Branches.

Selection Process and Medical Examination

The selection process starts with written test for various entries. A written test is conducted by UPSC for NDA and CDSE entries for Flying Branch. Similarly an Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is conducted by the IAF for Flying (SSC), Technical and Ground Duty Branches. Those who qualify the written test are called at any one of the Air Force Selection Boards at Dehradun, Mysore, Varanasi, Gandhinagar or Kanchrapara for further testing.

During SSB, Stage-I testing comprising of Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PP & DT) and Intelligence Test are conducted at stage-I for all the entries. The candidates who qualify stage-I are eligible to undergo stage-II testing which involves Psychological test, Group test and interview. Candidates those who have applied for Flying branch would also be administered Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT). Finally short-listed candidates are called for Medical Examination either at AFCME, New Delhi or IAM, Bengaluru.

Candidates recommended by AFSBs and declared medically fit will be detailed for training in the order of All India Merit List depending on the number of vacancies available in various branches / sub branches.

Pay and Perks

The initial pay after commissioning is fixed in pay Band-3/ Rs. 15,600 – 39,100 with Grade Pay Rs. 5,400, Military Service Pay (MSP) Rs. 6,000 and would also include Dearness Allowance, Transport Allowance & Kit Maintenance Allowance as applicable.

In addition, the other allowances are applicable based on nature of duty / place of posting and would include Flying Allowance, Technical Allowance, Field Area Allowance, Special Compensatory (Hill Area) Allowance, Special Force Allowance, Siachen Allowance, Island Special Duty Allowance, Test Pilot & Flight Test Engineer Allowance, Hard Area Allowance and Remote Locality Allowance.

Perks include Furnished Accommodation, Free Medical Facilities for self and dependants, Travel Concessions, Loans for purchase of Car and House, Canteen facilities, Free Ration in kind, Reimbursement of School Fee,School Transport, Gratuity, Life Insurance for self and Pensionary benefits etc as per entitlement.

*For more details on educational qualification visit: or refer Employment News Advertisements.

**Age as on first day of month in which training commences.

***Upper age limit relaxed upto 26 yrs for holders of valid & current Commercial Pilots’ Licence (CPL) issued by DGCA (India).

(Other terms and conditions as per the advertisement)

PC- Permanent Commission, SSC- Short Service Commission

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