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Dr Neelam Gupta and her dedicated fight against Covid19

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AROH Foundation and its founder President Dr Neelam Gupta along with her team are fighting hard against Covid19.

Dr Neelam Gupta, Aroh Foundation, Corona, Covid19AROH Foundation ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN THE FIGHT AGAINST THE CORONA VIRUS

Coronavirus pandemic is not just about the virus itself. It has brought with it hunger, loneliness, domestic abuse and psychological illness. At such a time, the country is witnessing another league of people, who have come all out, risking their own lives to save & support lives, showing their solidarity towards the nation. There are people around the country rising to lead community work, bring support and service the people selflessly in different ways they can. These brave hearts are our true Corona Warriors. One such silent worker was seen facilitating food & water packets to the district distribution center of Gautam Budhh Nagar, Dr Neelam Gupta, Founder President of national level NGO AROH Foundation.

Hi Dr Gupta! Could you pls tell us something about your organization? And also what drove you to come out yourself and do it?

How do you expect us to be sitting at homes when our nation needs us? I was shook to see on TV news that how thousands of migrant workers were stuck on roads as soon as the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic caused the Janta curfew and eventually the unprecedented national Lockdown. People, that included children , pregnant women, vulnerable elderlies were walking for miles out in danger, without food or safety masks. It was the moment of realization for us to get out of our comfy houses, hit out  and get into action , even though we were not the real healthcare experts. But that’s what AROH is all about, since its inception in 2001 AROH has totally been dedicated in the service of underprivileged and deprived communities and to see that their development creates a productive force for the process of national development.

So, what has AROH done so far?

We at AROH immediately got in touch with our respective district authorities in about 90 districts at pan India level, and started off in all possible capacities to support the government machineries in dealing with the pandemic, helping people on road, and simultaneously being the constant support to the medical, law & order & district machineries. Through a strategic holistic approach, we stepped in to support government, people and corona fighters through all possible means. These series of relief measures included supply of food packets and water to the needy ones, Safety gears to medical professionals, patrolling support for lockdown implementation and online counselling sessions to the people in distress. At present, a lot of AROH’s volunteers are engaged into psychological counselling, offline community screening and education. We have been developing corona awareness collaterals and very responsibly sharing through our social media platforms.

We have also introduced portal for online fund raising so that people who are bounded by lockdown can also contribute. Outpourings of generosity during the coronavirus pandemic are part of a shift toward direct giving. These funds are very transparently utilised for uninterrupted supply of relief measures. Relief work is updated on regular basis on our Corona dedicated page at

By far  AROH has been able to support people and administration  while providing :

  • Around 1,00,000 masks
  • Around 100 Infrared Thermometers
  • 2000 PPE kits
  • 500 Sanitisers and gloves
  • 2500 FFP1 masks
  • Helped around 2500 families with food and water packets in association with respective district administration.
  • Counselled and awarded more than a lakh of people with better wellbeing and lifestyle methodology.

While facing Covid19 crisis in the face, did you also have any learning takeaways? 

  • Yes ofcourse! People are reinventing and eliciting talents, which in normal circumstances would have lain dormant.
  • They are rethinking and toying with new ideas and thoughts which can be path breaking solutions in your personal or professional journey
  • They are realigning skills to improve your efficiency and competence at work, at home.
  • Actually they are REBOOTING to emerge a better human being in BODY, MIND and SOUL!
  • The concern for healthy lifestyle has stuck hard and people have gone sensitive towards fellow species too. Heard of sighting of rare animals & fishes back? Or clear views of hills from Jalandhar city? The mother earth is also rebooting itself.

Do you have anything to say to our readers?

We understand the gravity of the situation and know that the Covid19 fight is long. It will be a tough battle if the fund raised through multiple sources goes low. We are entirely dependent on these funds to keep the fight rolling. I shall request all your readers to support the cause and contribute your bit in this fight against Covid19. And so request all capable, vigilant fellow citizens to come out and help us with funds and some of your man hours. We are also open to zealous volunteers to support us.”

Donations can be made at below link:

In the end she urges all to help AROH in the fight and do contribute at

Or Bellow Account

Account Name – AROH Foundation

ICICI Bank, Noida sector 1

Account No : 107001001302 | IFSC code – ICIC0001070

Paytm – 9811046517 (Neelam Gupta)

If you wish to reach out to Dr Neelam Gupta or her team you may visit or write into

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