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Vibatel – Business Support Service domain providing Back-office Support Solutions

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Vibatel – Business Support Service domain providing Back-office Support Solutions

VIBATEL SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD  are engaged In providing Back-office Support Services Solutions ranging from Sales & Marketing to Collections, Up-sales & Cross-sales, Customer Services & Engagement processes for both B2C and B2B Domains.

A Brief Note on Vibatel and its growth story?

Our entrepreneurial journey started in the year 2007 with a team of 5 and after tasting successes, grown to a 350+ strong team across four locations within the country, offering wide varieties of services with Business Support Services domain.

We are accredited with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification for our Quality Management System in the areas of BPO & Call Centre Operations.

VIBATEL has successfully set up and managing Inbound/Outbound call centers for our most prestigious and esteemed clientele. VIBATEL possess a proven track record of successfully providing Business Processing Outsourcing Services majorily to BFSI, Telecom, Agri & Travel Industries.

Tell us everything about your company, what does it do? What were the challenges of setting up and scale? How did you overcome them?

Vibatel are positioned ourselves in the space of Business Support Services & Call Centre management, thus envisaging our esteemed clients of providing the COMPLETE SOLUTIONS, from setting up the proposed set-ups to successfully operating and managing the same, thus making our organization a right choice for them.

We are always committed in our philosophy of focusing upon the pursuit of Excellence and Quality in offering our services.  VIBATEL is well equipped with the resources and infrastructure required to meet the existing and future business challenges and requirements.

Some of the services currently being offered by our dedicated inbound and outbound Call Centers for both B2C as well as B2B domains, which include:

  • Cross-sales & Up-sales campaigns
  • Tele-marketing(Lead Generation & End-to-end Solutions)
  • Tele-Sales (Both pre-sales and post-sales services)
  • Recoveries/Collections’ Portfolio Management
  • Customer Engagement and Support Solutions

Give us a background of your core team along with the total strength of Vibatel.

VIBATEL was incorporated in year 2007, and is promoted by Mr. Anand Kumar PVS & Kavitha P, who have profound experience in handling the Tele-sales and Marketing, Customer Support, and Back-office Support Services related activities.  VIBATEL comprises of around 350+ strong team of vibrant, young team, who are well-trained and talented in their respective work areas and always motivated and committed to reach out their goals and achievements.  We are currently located at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Chennai.

What is the business model of Vibatel and how does it work?

Vibatel’s business model was always making all the three players – The Client, The Customer and The Employee, Happy and Satisfied and always strive towards those objectives.

We at Vibatel, always envisage our process methodologies, strategies and workings towards achievement the above by majorily concentrating on Performance, Optimisation and Savings aspects. Our punchline ‘THERE IS ALWAYS A SMARTER WAY!’ also depicts our passion towards making things happen in a smart way in coming out best and successful all the times!!

Some of our milestones are:

Getting the coveted ISO 9001 and 27001 Quality Certifications for our Services

Working with major and renowned Clients within Banking and Telecom Domains on an exclusive basis within their CRM Domains

Recognitions & Awards:

Awarded as one of the Top BPOs in the country for the year 2018

What is the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors and what’s your revenue model?

The 4 major factors that make us apart from our competitors:

  • Being Different – in terms of approaches and strategies within the existing BPO processes
  • Being Result-Oriented – in terms of mile-stone achievements and making the organisation self-sustainable
  • Always believing in being a Partner but not a Vendor to our esteemed clients
  • Always striving for “Optimisation” within our processes with our clients – working for making things more ‘Smarter’

What were the challenges you faced during your journey and how did you overcome them?

Lessons learnt:

  • Always put Eggs in different baskets (Distributing the business risk among Clients/processes)
  • Don’t rely only on one Hen for any reason (Don’t rely only on one client for your business entirety)

How are you funded?


Finally your advice for Budding Entrepreneurs?

My advice –

It is the not the SUCCESS you should think as an Entrepreneur, but is the COMPLETENESS in being an Entrepreneur which should result to your Success. Try to be the FULLEST in whatever you do in your Entrepreneurial Journey.

Also, you should always be the EXAMPLE to your team in everything, be in a success or be it a failure. This sort of RESPONSIBLE THINKING will make you a Good Leader and thus a Successful Entrepreneur.


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