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Vertiv expands its UPS product line with lithium-ion batteries

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Vertiv expands its UPS product line with lithium-ion batteries

Vertiv has expanded its range of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery options globally, including Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The options are available for the Vertiv Edge line-interactive UPS family, which is available in tower and rack-mount configurations with capacities ranging from 1400-3,000VA. The line is appropriate for use in a variety of industries, including banking, education, government, healthcare, and retail.

The addition of lithium-ion batteries to the range means they can operate at temperatures up to three times higher than traditional valve-regulated lead acid batteries. Additionally, Vertiv claims that lithium-ion batteries in its Edge UPS family can provide up to ten minutes of backup battery power at full load, compared to the three to five minutes provided by traditional lead acid batteries.

Andy Liu, Asia’s director of integrated rack solutions, states, “The benefits of lithium-ion UPS batteries cannot be overstated, particularly for customers managing multiple IT locations or branches.”

“Lithium-ion technology provides increased reliability and efficiency, a longer lifespan, and a smaller footprint than valve-regulated lead acid batteries, while also having a lower total cost of ownership. We are seeing an increase in interest in UPS systems with lithium-ion batteries across Asia.”

The Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion UPS is supported by the Vertiv Power Insight software, which enables users to monitor and manage up to 100 rack power distribution units (rPDUs) and UPS systems, as well as individual and virtual server shutdown protection, thereby increasing visibility and managing multiple edge locations more effectively. Additionally, Vertiv Power Insight’s new version includes a VMware vCenter plugin that simplifies power management and availability.

The Vertiv Edge UPS is compatible with the Vertiv VE rack, allowing for consistent IT infrastructure across edge locations.

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