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Vertiv and VMware collaborate to address network management issues.

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Vertiv and VMware collaborate to address network management issues.

Vertiv has released a new version of Power Insight that integrates directly with VMware vCenter Management Platform, the company’s centralised network monitoring application.

This is the first version of the Power Insight software to include vCenter management capabilities via a single pane of glass. Power Insight v2.4 is now available for download on the website.

Vertiv Power Insight is designed for users with distributed IT systems and a need for centralised management of their power infrastructure. It is simple to install and use.

It is claimed to simplify the management of UPS systems and remote power distribution units (rPDUs) in distributed, virtualized environments.

Vertiv Power Insight v2.4 enables data centre and information technology (IT) managers to manage up to 100 devices directly from the software or their vCenter application, including Vertiv uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and rack power distribution units (rPDUs).

According to the company, the VMware vCenter Plugin is the most significant addition to Vertiv Power Insight v2.4. It enables seamless integration with the VMware vCenter Management Platform.

This enables single-view monitoring, configuration, control, and shutdown of virtual machines, as well as increased application availability through VMware’s vMotion.

Additionally, the new version includes enhancements to alarms and management.

“Today’s networks are more powerful than ever, but also more complex and decentralised, relying on virtualisation to maximise their efficiency and reliability,” says Ramesh Menon, Vertiv’s vice president of single phase UPS.

“This evolution has reduced visibility into mission-critical power protection equipment and harmed organisations’ ability to respond quickly to incidents. Vertiv Power Insight enables critical visibility and control, resulting in improved efficiency and availability.”

Andy Liu, Vertiv Asia’s director of integrated racks and solutions, says, “With the Vertiv Power Insight, we’ve simplified the management of multiple, distributed IT networks.”

“This empowers IT teams by enabling them to manage their IT networks securely and easily. This is ideal for banks, large enterprises, government offices, the healthcare industry, and even schools that require close management of a complex information technology network.”

Vertiv Power Insight aggregates data from up to 100 devices, the company states, reducing the need for manual processes and streamlining decision-making for IT managers.

It automatically discovers new devices connected to the network and provides real-time alerts when issues occur, allowing organisations to improve response times and prevent or quickly respond to critical events.

Additionally, Vertiv Power Insight safeguards IT equipment, applications, and data by ensuring that host and virtual machines shut down gracefully when necessary.

In a broader sense, Vertiv provides hardware, software, analytics, and ongoing services with the goal of assisting customers in running applications continuously, optimising performance, and scaling to meet business needs.

Vertiv focuses exclusively on data centres, communication networks, and commercial and industrial facilities, offering a comprehensive portfolio of power, cooling, and IT infrastructure solutions and services that spans the cloud to the network edge.

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