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TransUnion Makes a $1 Million Donation to India COVID-19 Eradication

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TransUnion Makes a $1 Million Donation to India COVID-19 Eradication

TransUnion India has prioritized donation for health and safety relief of its employees and surrounding communities throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the high number of cases in India, the company mobilized support for its over 1,500 employees and the general public. TransUnion announced today a $1 million donation to Direct Relief and United Way Mumbai for the purchase of critical medical supplies.

Direct Relief and United Way Mumbai are collaborating with local Indian hospitals to identify and deliver critical medical supplies such as oxygen concentrators and other life-saving equipment. TransUnion’s $500,000 donation to each organization will aid in the procurement and delivery of these supplies to areas in need.

“The COVID-19 crisis in India has a devastating effect on our colleagues, families, and friends,” TransUnion President and CEO Chris Cartwright said. “India urgently requires assistance, and TransUnion is joining the global effort to provide it. We must all work cooperatively to save lives and put an end to the pandemic.”

Along with the donation, TransUnion is assisting employees in maintaining their health and obtaining necessary treatment. The company offers online medical consultations, isolation centers, emergency services, and options for home testing. Additionally, the company airlifted 50 oxygen concentrators to TransUnion offices in Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Pune, as well as to other prominent cities, for employees and family members who require more advanced care. TransUnion will continue to assist employees with health screenings and vaccinations, as well as additional wellness health programming.

TransUnion, as a global information and insights company with a stake in economic health, acted swiftly from the outbreak of the global pandemic to provide insights and education to consumers, businesses, and governments in order to assist them in navigating this unprecedented situation. This includes empowering consumers to safeguard their financial well-being through the provision of free weekly online credit reports and resources via online COVID-19 support centers. Additionally, TransUnion provides innovative solutions and thought leadership to its customers, including enhancements to address increased fraud and a series of Global Consumer Financial Hardship studies to assist businesses in determining the financial impact of the outbreak on consumers.

Trans Union LLC and TransUnion CIBIL, the company’s credit information business in India, made the donation jointly.


TransUnion is a global information and insights company dedicated to enabling trust in today’s economy. This is accomplished by providing a comprehensive profile of each individual, allowing them to be accurately and safely represented in the marketplace. As a result, businesses and consumers can engage in risk-free transactions and accomplish great things. This is what we refer to as Information for Good®.

TransUnion, with a leading presence in more than 30 countries on five continents, provides solutions that help hundreds of millions of people worldwide achieve economic opportunity, great experiences, and personal empowerment.

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