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Tobacco intake caused 90% deaths due to cancer

Nine out of 10 deaths caused by cancer are due to consumption of tobacco. In India, 7300 people die every year because of passive smoking, said Dr Arvind Pancholia.
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Tobacco intake caused 90% deaths due to cancer

Indore: Nine out of 10 deaths caused by cancer are due to consumption of tobacco. In India, 7300 people die every year because of passive smoking, said Dr Arvind Pancholia, a member of Indian Medical Association (IMA) Indore chapter on Sunday.

He was addressing a symposium in city ahead of World No Tobacco Day. Pancholia said smoking is not only harmful for smokers, but also deadly for foetus.

While discussing about ill effects of tobacco, the doctors associated with IMA Indore chapter stressed on sensitizing people. “Cigarette manufacturing cannot be stopped since it generates a lot of revenue, there can be a control on the consumption by spreading awareness,” Govt Dental College principal Dr Deshraj Jain said.

Speaking about tobacco and dental diseases, Jain said, tobacco was initially used as a dental medicine, but now, its addiction is causing cancer.

Another doctor B M Shrivastava explained tobacco epidemiology, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act.

Highlighting risk of cancer in youth, Dr SS Nayyar said, cancer increases with age and 40% of cancer deaths are in young age groups. Cancer of tongue in males at Bhopal (8.8 per lakh) is highest in all continents and the rate of oesophageal cancer in women of Bengaluru is one of the highest (8.3 per lakh) in the world,” he said.

SSP Ruchi Vardhan Mishra, who was chief guest for the occasion said, “I have personal interest in this issue as my maternal grandfather had died due to mouth cancer. I appreciate quitters as in this case, by quitting, you actually become winners.”

She also encouraged everyone for relaxation and meditation and even conducted a five minute relaxation session. “Meditation is good for health and it’s addictive. I urge all to come for 45 minutes to one hour meditation for three days to experience the difference,” said Mishra.

The tobacco shops should be kept at least 100 metres away from schools suggested doctors to which Mishra agreed.

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