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Techno Electric & Engineering Company is investing $1 billion in the development of data centres across India.

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Techno Electric & Engineering Company is investing $1 billion in the development of data centres across India.

Techno Electric & Engineering Company, an Indian power infrastructure company, is reportedly planning a significant investment in developing data centre in India.

According to the Economic Times of India, Techno Electric & Engineering Company intends to invest $1 billion (approximately Rs 7,310 crore) in the development of data centres in a number of major Indian cities.

“We will leverage our renewable resource holdings across the country to ensure that these projects are powered entirely by renewable energy and remain carbon neutral. With this objective in mind, we have developed a strategy for establishing 250MW of information centres across India over the next five years,” said Ankit Saraiya, TEECL’s full-time director.

Techno intends to establish facilities in and around the cities of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, the National Capital Region (NCR), Chennai, and Kolkata.

The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Tamil Nadu government in February to develop a 25MW data centre in Chennai. The company plans to invest approximately 750 crores in the project over the next two years; the company has already purchased the land from the Tamil Nadu government, and the plot is adjacent to an Airtel data centre and opposite an Adani data centre. The Chennai project will be fueled by the company’s 111MW of wind energy assets in Tamil Nadu.

The second project will be implemented in Kolkata and is expected to be approximately the same size as the Chennai facility. The company recently acquired two 10MW biomass energy plants in Kolkata, which will supply electricity to the city’s data centre.

“Both the Chennai and Kolkata data centre projects will cost approximately $340 million, or approximately one-third of the planned $1 billion investment,” Saraiya explained. “We are a debt-free company with cash reserves of over Rs 800 crore. Our EPC business generates annual revenues of approximately Rs 200-250 crore. We have adequate internal funding to construct these projects.”

The Hyderabad data centre will be built on a larger parcel of land and will have a maximum capacity of 50MW. It will be powered by the company’s regional captive solar energy infrastructure.

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