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Subedar Sansar Chand (MVC)

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Subedar Sansar ChandGazette Notification: 34 Pres/88 26.1.88
Operation: 1987 Pawan Sri Lanka
Date of Award: 26 Jan 1988


Subedar Sansar Chand formed part of a task force assigned to re-capture a feature called ‘Left Shoulder’ under the adversary’s occupation at a height of 21000 feet lying between two Indian Posts. The task involved negotiating a stretch of 3 kilometers in the open on the glacier face and climbing a near vertical 1200 feet high ice wall. On 25/26 June 1987, Subedar Sansar Chand reached the objective and led his section into the attack with exemplary courage and determination and took two outer trenches of the adversary’s troops. In the process, two men of his section were lulled and one was wounded. He reorganised his Section and held onto the captured positions with unflinching courage and devotion, which made possible the capture of the entire feature.
Throughout the operation, Subedar Sansar Chand displayed outstanding courage and determination in the face of adversary’s troops at grave danger to his life in the highest traditions of the Indian Army.

Early life and education

Subedar Sansar Chand was born on 31 December 1949 in Kamila, Jammu and Kashmir.

Military career

Subedar Sansar Chand joined the 8 JAK LI on 12 April 1967. In June 1987, his unit was deployed to the Siachen Glacier, where he was commanding a section of troops. His section was tasked to capture a feature which was occupied by Pakistan Army troops. Reaching the feature required climbing a vertical 370 metres high ice wall. On the night of 25–26 June 1987, Subedar Sansar Chand led his section and climbed to the objective and launched the attack. His section held on to the captured posts in spite of heavy counterattacks from Pakistani troops, thus enabling the Indian forces to capture the whole feature. He was awarded the India’s second highest gallantry award, Maha Vir Chakra for displaying gallantry and leadership in achieving objectives.

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