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Studio Seasons – Chocolates & Creative gift hampers and boxes

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Studio Seasons, a growing startup by Divya Nahar who loves making chocolates, creative gift hampers, boxes, provides the best gifting experience. Their products are being extensively encouraged by customers majorly  for Corporate gifting, Weddings, Self gifting, personal gifting, chocolate craving etc.

Hello Divya! Would you please give a brief note about your organization?
Hi! Sure, I would be happy to brief you about it. Studio seasons started its journey in the year 2012 from home catering to individuals, entrepreneur and now slowly capturing the corporate world. We have a small office set up in PH road, Chennai where we enjoy what we do. We love making chocolates, creative gift hampers, chocolate boxes, Chocolate bouquets and much more. In short, we love being different and creative in what we do and our tag line says it all ‘The Creative Hub’.

That’s nice,  . So please tell us about your growth & Success Story.
Started small scale and now in a growing phase, have taken an office space. We have grown by catering to corporates and explored with a lot other products apart from the chocolates we make in-house. We are always focused in providing good quality chocolates with excellent ingredients made with love and affection. I strongly believe that delighting customers with good products & services and adding a pinch or a bunch of creativity with the help of an excellent team is the best growth strategy which is working for us.

Challenges are part of business and how we face it is what makes us different. Can you please tell us about the challenges you have faced and how did you overcome the same?
That’s right, Challenges are part of business. We don’t have much of major challenges because we are keen in checking out the possible problems which can be avoided. We spend good time in planning out activities to avoid possible problems. We overcome challenges by pre planning our activities.

That was nice! Please give us the background about Studio Seasons team. 
We have a small team set up , which has only ladies and girls in it. Mentors, there’s a long list from family to business colleagues. Best thing is that studio seasons team are a bunch of like minded people with similar passion which is aligned with our business goals.

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Divya, Can you please tell us about your company’s Business Model.
We make chocolates in house, pack them in a very creative way, catering to any professional or personal need. We never say no to single box hamper and we have the capacity to take bulk orders as well. Be it 1000-2000 boxes as well.

Your Key Differentiators?
Our work , we love what we do and I think most of our work has been loved by all. Chennai is very kind that way.

Divya, can you please tell us the different types of products and services you offer?
Our forte is chocolates and we can help you select the right fit for the occasion and have it delivered it to you. We love making and creating new ideas on our gifts. We provide Chocolate bouquets, Chocolate hampers, Corporate Boxes and Hampers, Wedding gift Collection, Babies Gift Collection and festive collection.

Great! So, what are your future plans?
To Grow double the size. To have minimum 50 employees and to keep bringing new creativity to Chennai and to add a lot more delicacies on our menu.

Hope your dreams come true! what are your suggestions and Inputs for budding Entrepreneurs?
That’s so sweet! To even consider a suggestion from a budding entrepreneur like me!! However, for everyone enjoy what you do and keep upgrading yourself. I enjoy what I am doing and I love to learn and upgrade which actually worked and works for me and Studio Seasons team. Therefore, I suggest the same.

Thank you Divya for sparing some time in giving us a detailed interview about Studio Seasons. We wish you all the best for your success! – Team HRDots.

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