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STT GDC India and Avaada Energy have signed a renewable energy agreement.

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STT GDC India and Avaada Energy have signed a renewable energy agreement.

The India unit of STT Telemedia GDC (Global Data Centers) has announced a new renewable green energy procurement agreement with Avaada Energy.

STT will receive 99 million kWh of renewable energy from Avaada’s MHKhamgaon subsidiary for its facilities in Maharashtra as part of the agreement. In the state of Maharashtra, the company has three facilities and one in Pune.

STT GDC has gone orange.

“We have strived for best practices in innovation and sustainability since the inception of STT GDC India. Sumit Mukhija, CEO of STT GDC India, said, “This decision represents our unwavering dedication to champion sustainable best practices and lead the industry in a similar direction.”

“A large portion of all incremental power for all of our new and existing facilities would come from carbon-free sources in the future,” says the company. We’re also working closely with regulators, government agencies, and power generation companies to find a suitable climate and banking regime that will enable us to eventually source power for our operating data centers from close to 100 percent net renewable energy.”

STT GDC estimates that renewable energy accounts for 34% of all power used in its Indian facilities, and that the addition of the Avaada Energy alliance would result in a reduction of 456,500 tones of CO2 emissions by 2025.

The company did not specify the type of renewable energy it would use, but Avaada announced last year that it will invest in a 350MW solar farm in Maharashtra, which is set to begin operations in January 2022.

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