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Sridharaan – Inspiring through Inspirations

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Sridharaan – Inspiring through Inspirations

Sridharaan and his team hits the street whenever there is a need be it Tsunami, Floods, Water Shortage (or) Storm or Covid19.

Our team met Sridharaan in one of their Covid19 distribution drive for Corporation Workers & Police Personnel’s that happened on 26th March 2020.  He looked to be a simple man doing the marking and was getting prepared to distribute face masks & other essential equipment’s.

We spoke to Sridharaan (Though from a distance of over 1.5mtrs). He was hesitant to share the details and never wanted his work to be published like many other Noble individuals in the Country today. However we requested him to give us his details since it will prove to be a motivation for others to come forward and do their bit in this crisis situation.

Sridharaan, Covid19, Chennai CorporationSridharaan, Covid19, Chennai Corporation








Hello Sridharaan pls share some details about your work in covid19 and how are you managing to do it in this crisis situation? And about your background?

I wish to tell you that we are not the only team on ground doing this but there are many other organizations / volunteer groups & individuals who have hit the ground and doing phenomenal work. We chose to do a small part that we are capable of doing. Service as such has been edged in our vein since our College days. We are all alumnus of DG Vaishnav college NCC. Our team is supported by the entire team which passed out from 1989 to until 2014. The entire network is intact and this is our motivation. Its a team effort and not an individuals contribution.

Inspirations @ COVID 19:

At Inspirations, we try to bridge the gap between the needy and the offeror, be it kind or motivation, we see people are nervous about the pandemic, the situation is serious, there is no doubt about it but there is always a solution for every problem, ie. Stay @ Home. We at Inspirations are working closely with the war front runners basically the Doctors, Nurses, Police, IAS, Corporation Workers etc.,. we are much more concerned about their wellbeing, it is them who is protecting & guiding us, so they need to be strong & motivated.

We strive hard to support them by proving Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Bleaching Power, Phenyl and importantly the trust of backing them in all forms.

We have supplied the following for Covid19 (Wef 24th March 20 to 21st April 20)

  • 12,000 Face Mask, 1000 Hand Sanitizers, 1000kgs of Bleaching Powder, 1000 bottles of Phenyl to Corporation of Chennai (Sweepers, Garbage Cleaners, Garbage Truck Drivers etc.
  • 18,000 Face Mask, 2500 Hand Sanitizer, 200kgs Bleaching Powder, 100 bottles of Phenyl and 1000 Hand Gloves to Tamil Nadu  Police (Chennai) which includes Traffic, Crime, L&O, Fire & Rescue.
  • 2000 Facemask, 500 Hand Sanitizer, 200 Kgs of Bleaching Powder, 300 bottles of Phenyl to people living in Low lying areas of Chennai Corporation.
  • Appx 1500 to 2000 for Hospitals (JIPMER Pondy, Police Hospital, Egmore etc)
  • 1000 Facemask, 500 Sanitisers, 200 Bottles of Phenyl to Indian Army (Fort Area, Chennai)

Sridharaan, Covid19, Chennai Corporation

Sridharaan, Covid19, Chennai Corporation








The current situation is that the Corporation workers are using the same mask for 1 day, because of shortage of mask etc. We at Inspirations are always ready and in the field, be it Tsunami, Storm, Flood etc., our boys are there to support the public. The uniqueness of our team is that, we are from NCC background (National Cadet Corp) basically our boys & girls have this feel of patriotism & service in their blood. We understand the ground reality better than most & work full heartedly for the people.

Under the guidance of Chennai Corporation officials, we run multiple awareness programs especially to bring confidence to face Corona & lead a positive life.

While most of keep worrying about Corona There are some interesting Take away

  1. Chennai Corporation used to collect 5 Tons of Non disposable Wastage every day, which has reduced to 2 Tons per day.
  2. 5 Lakh People who Urinate on the streets every day, which has gone to zero,
  3. 20% of Chennai Population used to Spit on the road, which has reduced to Zero,
  4. Vehicle Pollution & Noise Pollution has come down drastically,
  5. Theft, Rape, Murder etc has also come down,
  6. We can hear the birds waking us up in the morning & animals walk freely on road.
  7. Most important people spend time for themselves and with their family.

We understand there is lot of negativity around us, but positivity comes only from within, we at Inspirations, strive hard to achieve that peace and harmony.

We welcome corporates, individual’s, to support us to support the needy.We are in need of another 30,000 Face Mask, 5000 Bottles of Hand Sanitizers, 1000 Kgs of Bleaching Powder for our Phase 2 work which will start from 6th of April 2020.

If you wish to contribute you may contact Inspirations @ 9841826925

Bank Details  : Account No : 201003943732

Name : Inspirations Public Charitable Trust

Bank : Indusind Bank | Branch : Anna Nagar West Branch

IFSC : INDB0000822 | G Pay to 9841826925

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