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Schneider Electric expands its rugged R-series micro data center offerings into Europe.

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Schneider Electric expands its rugged R-series micro data center offerings into Europe.

Schneider Electric’s ruggedized R-series micro data centers, which were launched in November in the United States, are now available in Europe.

The EcoStruxure R-Series is designed for industrial indoor environments such as factories and follows the introduction of the 43U C-Series for office spaces. They are NEMA and IP rated, indicating that they are resistant to infiltration of dust, water, and other fluids. They’ll be available beginning in June.

Hostile micro data centers

Industrial edge environments frequently experience elevated levels of dust, moisture, and wide temperature swings. The R-series units are designed to withstand these hostile environments, with an IP54 and NEMA 12 minimum ingress protection rating. According to the definitions of those rating schemes, they are “designed for indoor use to protect personnel against accidental contact with enclosed equipment; to protect personnel against falling dirt; to protect personnel against circulating dust, lint, fibers, and flying’s; and to protect personnel against the spraying, splashing, and seepage of water, oil, and noncorrosive coolant.”

Six models are available in 16U, 24U, and 42U configurations; each is a configurable, pre-packaged, enclosed rack system with power, cooling, security, and management.

They include Schneider’s EcoStruxure IT remote management software, which enables them to be used in locations with insufficient on-site staff. Additionally, they come equipped with security features such as access control, intrusion detection, and a security camera.

Schneider Electric claims that the design has been simplified to reduce deployment time by 20% and field engineering costs by 40% compared to previous systems. A customized standard build is available for customers with multiple locations.

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