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Sairam Ramaswamy – A Fitness Enthusiast, Triathlete, Nutrition Specialist & an Avid Trekker

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Sairam Ramaswamy : Meet yet another Inspired Life. He holds a high profile in the corporate world & go to man for many. Sairam Ramaswamy is a corporate leader in the capital market industry by profession, he is a passionate fitness enthusiast, a triathlete, a nutrition specialist and an avid trekker. Two fantastic initiative of him are Madras Mustangs & Mitahara.

Let’s hear more Sairam Ramaswamy himself.

What is your Education & Professional Background?

“Am a commerce graduate with 30 years of working experience in Capital Markets. I started my career in 1990. I have held senior positions in organisations like HDFC Bank, Kotak Securities, HSBC Invest Direct and Religare. Presently Am working as a Senior Vice President at Edelweiss Broking Ltd”

How long have you been running and how many events did you participate in?

I have been running for the past 6 years. I have participated in more than 25 events having completed 4 full marathons, 2 trail marathons and 1 triathlon.

Holding such a high office professionally how do you manage time for these initiative’s?

When you are passionate about certain things, you would manage and devote time. Fitness is my passion and I make sure I manage my time accordingly. At the same time I don’t compromise on my professional responsibilities too. I have got into a discipline of sleeping early and waking up early. This allows me devote time to my running and fitness activities. Whenever I travel on work, which I do frequently I make sure that I carry my running shoes along.

What is your main motivation while running / Marathon? (why do you run) What you like about running & what you don’t?

My motivation is to stay fit. Running / Marathon allows to spend time to yourselves. You get to introspect about yourselves. It also pumps up the adrenaline and keeps us positive all day long. There is nothing I don’t like about Marathon.

Can you please explain in detail about your cycle expeditions & share few interesting moments?

I started cycling in year 2014. I have done over 50000 kms till date. I have participated in many cycling events conducted by Madras Randonneurs under the aegis of Audax Club Parisien. I have completed 200kms, 300kms, 400 kms, 600 kms twice to bag the title of Super Randonneur bestowed by Madras Randonnerus. I have also done a 1000kms riding from Chennai to Vijayawada and back. Apart from this I have participated in Tour of Tamilnadu in 2014, 2016 and 2018 conducted by Tamil Nadu Cycling Club covering the various parts of Tamilnadu.

How did it all start? What was the inspiration behind the 2M’s Madras Mustangs & Mitahara?

Sairam Ramaswamy

Madras Mustangs was started in 2016 with an objective to provide a platform for people to come together and move towards the path of fitness. We started as a cycling group and gradually became a multi sport group with running, trekking and swimming being the activities we do. We have close to 100 members in the group out of which 40 to 50 are active consistently.

We have conducted many cycling and running events which has received overwhelming support and participation.

Mitahara was started in 2018 after I acquired my certification in Nutrition from International Sports Science Association. I started mitahara with an objective of spreading the joy of being and eating healthy. I have serviced almost 100 clients since the time of inception. The concept of Mitahara is to eat a balanced diet in moderation.

The obstacles / Challenges you faced initially with Madras Mustangs? 

To get people together was a challenge. Resources to run the group was also a hurdle to start with.

Tell us everything about Madras Mustangs & Mitahara?

In the 3 years of existence Madras Mustangs has been recognised as a formidable group indulging in various outdoor activities. We are known for the way we conduct our events and we find a prominent place in all the major running and cycling events happening in the city.

Give us a background of your core team in Madras Mustangs along with the age?

We have 6 members in the core team. Their average age is 40 years.

Sairam the Major challenge faced in Running & Cycling are Injuries? What is your number one method for injury prevention?

Giving enough rest between sessions, stretching before and after running and cycling are key to prevent injuries. Also it is imperative to do strength training so that one doesn’t loose muscles.

Many are excited about Running & Pedalling but they don’t know what, where and how to start, In what way your club / organisation help these enthusiasts?

For people who are keen to take up cycling we organise Newbie rides once in 3 months. They can get the details from our Madras Mustangs FB group. We organise running event once in a year.

What has been the general feedback from Participant’s & Members of your club / organisation?

They are happy because we mentor them to get better in running and cycling. There is no pressure on any member to ride or run daily.

MITAHARA & Madras Mustangs are 2 great initiative of yours? Is it monetised? If so how?

I haven’t monetised Madras Mustangs. I have monetised Mitahara as I charge my customers for nutrition advice.

What are the Future plans of MITAHARA?

We would like to expand our base to other cities. Enable the diet program through technology by launching an app and website for Mitahara.

What is your suggestion to beginners? (new runners)

For beginners, please understand running is not an exercise, it is a sport. It has to be approached in the right earnest and proper training, rest and strength training is required to avoid injuries and damages to the joints.

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