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Rakhi’s MaEarth Art Studio – Where Uniqueness is redefined.

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Rakhi’s MaEarth Art Studio which is into Art Business is a Chennai based Creative Firm with a dream of enhancing  the well – being and quality of life by spreading the importance and essence of ART & CREATIVITY through its beautiful art products and uniquely designed artistic events and workshops .

Art Studio, MaEarth, Art Business, Rakhi

Hi Rakhi,  Would you please give a brief note about your organization.

Sure! MaEarth Art Studio is a platform where imagination can run wild and ideas are manifested. It aims to provide innovative, artistic solutions that help human consciousness to evolve.

‘Ma’ means Mother: the mother who walked through difficult times in life and hand-held moments, giving all the courage and motivation that was needed. And thus, ‘’MaEarth’’ was born.

MaEarth was founded in December 2016 with the vision to be a source of creativity by enriching and energizing lives through customized art products, uniquely crafted art events, workshops for corporates, individuals, families, and kids by using simple artistic techniques and color therapies.

MaEarth Art Studio specializes in making all kinds of paintings, 3D Mural Art, Wall decors, Sculptures for residential as well as commercial premises. It also undertakes orders for Vastu, Feng Shui, and Corporate Gifts.

At the very heart of it, MaEarth is all about creating and leaving behind a unique legacy, so I loved the idea of using my thumbprint as the base for the logo and using the spiral-shaped galaxy to signify balance, awareness and connectedness with the ultimate.

That’s a good brief and it is making us eager to know more about MaEarth Art studio. So please tell us about your growth & Success Story.

Art Studio, MaEarth, Art Business, RakhiThank you and Sure, I would love to do that!

From a seasoned Corporate Executive to a compassionate Artist and healer, ebbing with creativity and love for nature, I have come a really long way.

I was a passionate Business Development Manager with around 15 years of experience in Interior and Exterior designing and was also an Entrepreneur running an IT HR Consulting firm. I was very skilled at what I did, but I wasn’t happy with this monotonous and prototype life. I felt as if I was in a shell and longed to step out of my comfort zone and start living my life in a true sense – A CREATIVE LIFE. In March 2016 I quit the IT Industry and jumped to a NEW world of ART & Creativity.

Transitioning from a Corporate Executive to an Artist meant beginning a new life and embracing it wholeheartedly. In December 2016, I felt like I was reborn. Every part of me was created anew and I had to reinvent myself. In the process, I wanted to create a unique identity for myself.

Starting a new business independently from scratch is not only hard, but  it requires a lot of time , effort ,dedication & financial support . The initial 2 years were spent only to learn and practice different art forms, strokes, mediums and variety of art styles. Then around 6 months of time was used understanding the art industry, business strategies, sales distributors, target audiences and competitors.

It takes a lot of time to become recognized as an ARTIST. It took 3 years to build the brand and EARN MONEY from my creative efforts. In 2018, I built my business website and created a business profile on social media platforms. Actively participated on all-online platforms to market MA Earth’s art products & services. Through which channels I was able to generate a good number of connections and art admirers worldwide. Slowly  connections turned into my customers and started giving orders for paintings , portraits , sculptures & 3D Murals art pieces, locally , nationally & internationally .

MaEarth is well known for classy Coffee Portraits, Panel Paintings, and 3D Mural & Sculptures. Our theme based artworks with artistic presentation admired and loved by many. MaEarth has received good feedback & testimonials from clients. Our Uniquely designed ART EVENTS & WORKSHOPS are also appreciated by clients (Retail & Corporate). The sheer beauty of COFFEE PAINTINGS attracted clients across the globe .We have also received tie up proposals from premium online distributors such as: Etsy , Bentchair & Amazon .

Challenges are part of business and how we face it is what makes us different. Can you please tell us about the challenges you have faced and how did you overcome the same.

Oh Yes! There are many challenges that I have faced and am still facing, both internal as well as Art Studio, MaEarth, Art Business, Rakhiexternal I have started this business right from scratch with very little knowledge on fine arts skills and about the Art Industry. The very first challenge was how to become a “skillful “artist.

Once I became an Artist I had to face a bigger challenge than the previous one: to make a LIVING from Creating ART. The greatest challenge is being both the Artist and business person but not because Artists are not capable, they certainly are …only thing is it takes a lot of time to balance Artist and Entrepreneur roles simultaneously. It took three years for me to transfer my artistic skill into commercial application.

There is also a challenge of WHAT kind of Art to make , making personal art is fine, it gives happiness and joy but cannot provide financial support, only through “Bread & Butter’ Art one can make money. Initially there are entry level challenges then there are challenges to become established then challenges in sticking with it and continuing forward.

When the ‘MaEarth’ brand was not known by many, it was very hard to get good distributors to showcase & sell our products. Initially it was very difficult to understand the market’s demand thus hard to produce ART for the MARKET. This Industry is very competitive, crowded and getting harder & harder to grab attention from the audience that’s the biggest challenge for Emerging Artists like us.

Think DIFFERENTLY & CREATIVELY are the only keys to overcome any challenging phases. My personal experience for building a long term successful career in this Industry combines these things – A little bit of business planning, a whole lot of marketing and most importantly the ability to create WORK that RESONATES with people.

Differently & Creatively” That was nice! Please give us the background about your Art Studios Team and Mentors.   Art Studio, MaEarth, Art Business, Rakhi

Sure! Excluding me our team consists of 6 members –  a painter ,photographer ,creative writer , digital designer , event coordinator & an auditor. We all are domain specialized and are well experienced freelancers .As I am handling this business independently, their expertise is required once in a while based on the requirements of the project  .They are more affordable & Flexible .

As far as my mentor concerns, I don’t have any one person in particular. Whenever I am confused or at crossroads I always get the support & advice from my family. At times I also seek help from my 15 year old niece & 18 year old Nephew .Their responses are very spontaneous & remarkable.

Once in a while we all artists from multiple domains gather, exchange our knowledge about new art forms, market scenarios and also brainstorm on how to overcome Industry’s ongoing issues & challenges.

Rakhi Can you please tell us in detail about your Art Studios Business Model.

Frankly speaking, the business model aspect comes in the art business only after 2 to 3 years of time. The initial few years were spent creating a variety of art products and personal branding to understand the market psychology.

For generating good revenue and building a long term successful business, MaEarth focuses on the areas below:

1 Good Planning & Creative Marketing Strategies

  1. Branding & Clever Pricing
  2. Generating & Nurturing Customers

We market and sell our product and services mostly through online platforms for example: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn , and YouTube .Periodic market surveys help us to understand people’s taste & trend, and accordingly we create affordable art pieces for mid level cadre customers . Also, consistent pricing is the key for successful art sales.

Good revenue generates only from high-end theme based artworks and personalised coffee portrait orders from interior designing firms & upper level cadre customers. MaEarth is in the BREAK – EVEN stage now, and soon we will be making good profit by conducting our online art activities & workshops.

Your Art Studios Key Differentiators Rakhi?
Art Studio, MaEarth, Art Business, Rakhi
Our key differentiation are the Tailor-made variety of artworks, unique presentation and good content. We not only value our clients but also NURTURE them .We understand our client’s requirements and fulfill their expectations according to their need and taste within the stipulated time frame provided by them.

Apart from traditional, contemporary art we also create trendy, stylish and themed based art that grabs the attention of youngsters and corporate clients. At MaEarth, We believe in utilizing 100% organic materials while making corporate gifts and Feng Shui items for maximizing energy retention. Each artifact is creatively wrapped with instructions on the direction of placement and description on how it will energize the surroundings.

Our customers admire  our approach as we also provide Interior designing tips which helps our art buyers to visualize how art will look and feel in their home and place of business . We offer free art sessions to our precious clients, provide them opportunities to learn and understand the importance of art and also remember them on their birthdays & anniversaries.

Greatest differentiator is our uniquely crafted art activities and workshops which are exclusively designed for the people of the modern world and it’s a “Must Need” for the current generation.

Rakhi, can you please tell us the different types of services you offer?

MaEarth’s offering are:

  1. Fine Art & Paintings
  2. Sculpture & 3DMurals
  3. Corporate Gifts & Vastu Artworks
  4. Art Events & Workshops (Online & In Person )

Modern life has made us jaded and unhealthy , running a race where no one knows where the finish line is .Most of the time we are unhappy and we don’t realize what we missing in our lives and what we need to do to be happy & blissful .It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we are increasing our standard of living but losing out on quality of life . In order to solve the issues of modern lifestyle , MaEarth customizes  exclusive art activities , workshops & color therapies for:

  1. Corporates
  2. Families
  3. Couples
  4. Kids
  5. Individuals

We believe that Art has the power to open a person’s mind, heart and soul, empower expression of self and give them a platform to explore all the dimensions and improve the quality of their lives. Art also activates our higher emotions by stimulating our creative and intuitive senses.

Great! Your Art Studios offering are really different and creative. So, what are your future plans?

Thank you! The ongoing spread of COVID -19 has left a massive impact on the overall economy. Due to which the ART business has become more challenging than before. This is the right time to really begin to look for NEW WAYS of marketing the MaEarth brand and applying new ideas ,new approaches and new strategies  in the business . The only way to be sustainable in this industry for long term is to have more tie ups & collaborations with upper level interior designing firms, premium online distributors (Amazon ,Etsy , Bentchair ) and corporates in order to get regular orders for Artworks & workshops  . Our future plan is to take MaEarth to the next level and make its Products & Services more memorable and accessible worldwide.

Art business has it’s own challenges and its great to see you getting stronger by overcoming many challenges. I am sure, many Artists & Entrepreneurs will be keen for your inputs for them to start and grow. So what are your suggestions and Inputs for budding Entrepreneurs?

Art Studio, MaEarth, Art Business, RakhiDefinitely! Whenever I offer advice, I have to be brutally honest about the reality of ART Business. It is easy to become an artist but hard to become an ART-EPRENUER’. This is why Artists have so much trouble wearing both of these hats. Managing Artist & Entrepreneur role simultaneously is very challenging. It takes years to balance both. So, before starting an art business, make sure that ART is your PASSION not just HOBBY .You have to EAT, SLEEP & BREATHE your art.

If you are serious about making a good living from your creative efforts , you have to embrace entrepreneurship fully as well as sales because it is the only route to success and SUCCESS only comes to those who get up , show up and deliver again and again and again .

Finally I would say that CREATE Your Own Future, nobody is going to give it to you .Be relentlessly persistent and ruthlessly focused and keep learning & upgrading. 

Thank you Rakhi for sparing some time in giving us a detailed interview about MaEarth. We wish you all the best for your success! – Team HRDots.

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