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Lieutenant Arvind Singh , MVC

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As part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force during Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka, Commodore Arvind Singh, MVC, NM earned the title of Master of the Vehicular Corps (MVC) and the rank of Navigator of the Navy (NM). Throughout the fight, he shown exceptional courage and leadership. The Maha Vir Chakra, India’s second-highest military medal, and the Nau Sena Medal, which recognises bravery and leadership in various missions, were both bestowed to him.

Military career

Commodore Arvind Singh was a graduate of the Indian Naval Academy in Cochin, where he was awarded the president’s gold medal for being the finest cadet during the academy’s graduation parade. He was later promoted to the rank of admiral. He was also chosen to receive training from the United States Navy SEALs.

On the 21st of October, 1987, a squad of Marine Commandos under the command of Lt. Arvind Singh was charged with destroying Guru Nagar Jetty and the speed boats of LTTE fighters in the Jaffna Lagoon, which they accomplished. Swimmable water forced the squad to swim more than a mile underwater in order to destroy other militant speed boats. Before the explosives could be detonated, the squad came under heavy fire from the terrorists, resulting in several deaths among the members of the team. Contrary to the enemy’s fire, the squad was successful in placing and detonating explosive charges, causing severe damage to the Jetty as well as the destruction of seventeen LTTE speed boats The Maha Vir Chakra was bestowed to him in recognition of his extraordinary courage, dedication, professionalism, and altruism.
The interception and destruction of an LTTE ship off the coast of Madras, which he successfully executed in 1993, was another job assigned to him by the government. He was awarded the Nau Sena Medal in recognition of his efforts on this operation (Gallantry).

Lt. Arvind Singh, who had received several decorations, retired from the Indian Navy with the rank of Commodore.

Maha Vir Chakra

Lieutenant Arvind Singh was the Officer-in-Charge of the Indian Marine Special Force (IMSF) team which along with 10 Para Commandos was given certain specific tasks as part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force operation in Sri Lanka.

Lieutenant Singh leading a team broke out from Jaffna Fort at 1430 hours on 19 October 1987. During this operation, the team had to negotiate through heavily mined road – with booby traps laid by the militants. The team was under militants’ fire from buildings and roof-tops. Lieutenant Singh by his personal example of bravery motivated his men to secure the area which resulted in link up of 41 Brigade with 1 Maratha Light Infantry on 20th October 1987.

On the Night of 21/22 October 1987, IMSF team under his leadership was tasked to destroy Guru Nagar Jetty and the militant speed Boats in the Jaffna Lagoon. The team successfully placed and detonated explosive charges and extensively damaged the Jetty and destroyed six militant speed boats. In order to destroy the remaining militant speed boats, the team reached its destination by swimming over a mile underwater and successfully planted demolition charges in 11 speed boats, kept ready for the escape of hard core militants. Before the charges could be exploded, the team came under heavy fire from the militants. Lieutenant Arvind Singh once again effectively took charge of the situation and provided diversion by exposing himself to militants’ fire without regard to his life and personal safety.

This act inspired his men who accomplished the task of destruction of all of the speed boats.

Lieutenant Arvind Singh thus displayed exceptional devotion to duty and gallantry in utter disregard to his personal safety.


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