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Keysight collaborates with Google Cloud to develop 5G network edge services.

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Keysight collaborates with Google Cloud to develop 5G network edge services.

Keysight Technologies has joined Google Cloud partner programme to enable agile orchestration of 5G network services at the network edge.

According to the company, an increasing number of mobile operators are utilising cloud and edge computing to bring high-speed, low-latency, and secure connectivity to the network edge while optimising operational efficiencies.

Keysight has joined Google Cloud’s partner initiative to enable a cloud-centric 5G ecosystem that connects software-driven infrastructure from the radio access network’s (RAN) edge to the core.

Telecom providers are migrating network and application operations to cloud-native, container-based solutions, according to Keysight. 5G standalone deployments utilising commercial off-the-shelf hardware with open standard interfaces are accelerating the adoption of virtualisation RAN architectures and network slicing technology, according to the company.

This digital transformation enables greater innovation at the network edge by bringing real-time data processing closer to the point of data collection and consumption.

Scott Bryden, vice president of Keysight’s operator industry solutions group, states, “As a Google Cloud partner, Keysight will assist service providers in making the transition to cloud and edge computing, which is required for advanced applications and use cases such as streaming media, cloud gaming, connected vehicles, private wireless networks, and immersive experiences.

“Keysight’s solutions span wireless and wireline technologies, enabling hyperscalers and mobile operators to build unified, heterogeneous networks capable of supporting a diverse set of use cases, requirements, and applications.”

Tanuj Raja, global head of strategic partnerships at Google Cloud, states, “Access to cloud capabilities and applications with low latency is becoming increasingly critical for businesses operating at the network edge.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Keysight to assist communications service providers in rapidly and cost-effectively deploying cloud native 5G, ultimately enabling greater connectivity for customers at the edge.”

Keysight provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for validating early designs, system interoperability and performance, network and end-point security, and conformance to 3GPP and O-RAN specifications.

Keysight’s end-to-end solution portfolio, which is based on industry-standard hardware and software platforms, is designed to enable a cloud-centric ecosystem that accelerates the deployment of multi-access edge computing, network function virtualisation, and artificial intelligence technology.

This enables mobile operators to orchestrate innovative wireless connectivity services at the network’s edge with confidence.

According to Keysight, the company is primarily focused on delivering speed and precision in terms of software-driven insights and analytics, enabling faster time to market for technology products across the development lifecycle, including design simulation, prototype validation, automated software testing, manufacturing analysis, and network performance optimization and visibility in enterprise, service provider, and government environments.

Customers of the company are concentrated in the global communications and industrial ecosystems, as well as in aerospace and defence, automotive, energy, semiconductors, and general electronics.

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