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India’s largest employer, Indian Railways, enables chat-based medical services

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India’s largest employer, Indian Railways, enables chat-based medical services

In a major development, Indian Railways have announced a partnership with Microsoft Kaizala to help its employees–both serving and retired– to avail chat-based healthcare services. By using the Microsoft Kaizala app, Indian Railways employees can connect to 125 railway and 133 private recognised hospitals across the country. “The Kaizala group, managed by doctors from South Central Railways will be complemented with focused groups of doctors, paramedical staff and nurses,” said Microsoft.

On registering for the healthcare services, Indian Railway employees will be able to search on Microsoft Kaizala, nearest hospitals and doctors, list of empaneled diagnostic centers and health units. Employees can book doctor appointments, share diagnostic lab reports directly with their doctors and save digital records in ‘Me Chat’ of Microsoft Kaizala.

“As one of the largest employers in India, ensuring quality medical care facilities for our employees is one of key focus areas, integrating it with Microsoft Kaizala will help us take this vision with ease to all our employees, including those situated in remote locations in India,” said Vinod Kumar Yadav, Chairman Railway Board, Indian Railways.

The doctors on this Kaizala group can view medical history of an employee, pull out individual case sheets from a pool of three million employees. The Kaizala app will also help Indian Railways to enable direct communication with their employees.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has recently rolled out new features to its Kaizala chat app for enterprises along with a new web browser version of the app. Microsoft Kaizala now supports audio and video calls and also there is a new “Me Chat” feature in which users can save notes, messages, photos and more. With Me Chat Kaizala users can find their saved items quickly with Search, and can forward them to whoever they want.

Another unique feature that the Kaizala app has got is the ability to read messages in a group that were exchanged prior to his/her joining the group. This feature is called “Persistent Chat” and the messages are saved over time. So, even when a user joins a group at a later stage he/she will be able to read messages of the past.

The app now provides “Data backup and export” option. With this users can back up messages, attachments and action card data of organisation groups and export it for auditing purposes, on demand.

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