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Moverdeal – A Start Up Redefining the relocation industry

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Moverdeal – A Start Up integrating logistics service providers. Let’s meet Gunjan Khambra the Founder Director of Moverdeal, Delhi. An interesting start up led by a women intended to redefine the relocation industry through technology by providing a common platform for customers to experience “Customer Delight”.

Gunjan pl give us a Brief Note on MoverDeal and its growth story? 

MoverDeal was conceived with a purpose to bring in ease of both availing as well as providing logistic services with technology baked into the process. The idea originated from personal experiences while availing logistics services and the challenges faced during the entire process. These experiences made us to think about the solutions which can be provided for the customers as well as the logistics service providers so as to streamline the entire business operations and the functioning of the logistics sector.

Talk about your journey from a MBA in Marketing and then to a promising business women?

I have been brought up in a business family, with my father starting his entrepreneurial journey with humble beginnings. I believe, entrepreneurial skills were therefore inherited by me from my parents. In addition to this, as a person I like to take charge and this led me eventually to take the plunge to start my own venture. A formal education in form of MBA added to an extra gear to my natural business acumen.

Tell us everything about your Start Up, what does it do? What were the challenges of setting up and scale? How did you overcome them?

We are an online market place for Logistic services. Our platform primarily aggregates logistics service providers. We are one of a kind platform which offers the opportunity for both the customers as well as logistics service providers to come together and strike a deal among themselves, which is a “win-win” situation for both the entities. The uniqueness of our platform is the “Bidding” as well as “Reverse Bidding” to ensure that the customer as well as the logistics service providers get the best value for the services.

The biggest challenge for us was the technology, as we are not 18-20 year old kids who are good with computers and who only know how to write a script. We always knew when it comes to execution, we have the experience as well as capability and it was the technology which we needed a bit of support. Thank fully we did eventually found the right people who supported us and are still with us.

One of the things which people forget is that you may build a great platform but at the end of the day you need to execute the business idea. The platform is just a support function to your idea. It is nothing more than a phone in your hand.

Give us a background of your core team Gunjan along with the total strength of MoverDeal.

Our core team primarily comprises of people experienced in logistics sector as this is the field of our business. Apart from this we have our technology consultant who has been guiding us through the adoption & suitability of technology. We are a very lean team with everyone clear about the role they are expected to play in the business also from the inception we were very clear to keep unnecessary fixed expenses at bay, thus, we went for effectiveness over numbers when it came to building the team.

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What is the business model of MoverDeal and how does it work?

As already mentioned we are an online logistics aggregator platform or one can say a logistics services market place. We have verified empanelled logistics services providers and one can simply avail their services by raising an enquiry for their requirement. Once an enquiry is generated, the same is shared with our empanelled service providers based on predefined criteria such as area of operations, location of the customer etc. and there after these service providers bid to win the booking. Once the customer accepts the bid of a particular service provider, the booking is confirmed and the rest is a matter of actual execution of the service which is taken care by the service provider.

As a customer one has the option of accepting either the lowest bid or even the higher bid based if one feels that one service provider has a better rating then the other and would be able to provide a better service. In addition to this the customer can also place their counter offer which if a service provider feels appropriate can accept and confirm the booking.

Payments for the services booked can be made online through multiple cashless options like, Net banking, Credit or Debit Cards, Mobile Wallets etc.

So if you see there is a complete flexibility available for the customers as well as service providers. Additionally as both of them are directly dealing with each other there is a lot of transparency in terms of the services needed and price offered.

What is the one thing that sets your Start Up apart from your competitors and what’s your revenue model?

The uniqueness of our platform is the “Bidding” as well as “Reverse Bidding” to ensure that the customer as well as the logistics service providers get the best value for the services.

What were the challenges you faced during your journey and how did you overcome them?

As already mentioned our biggest challenge was technology. We are blessed in this respect as during the last 20 years of our professional career we came across a few very competent and humble people who joined us through the journey of setting up of the business.

How is your Start Up funded Ms Gunjan?

We are completely self-funded as of this moment. The reason we chose this path as since the beginning we were very clear about our vision for MoverDeal and we understood that this can only be achieved if it is built and raised initially with our own hands and brought to a point wherein it requires fund infusion for growth.

What are the services offered to the Customers Gunjan?

We are a logistics market place and thus we only offer logistics services.

Explain how a customer can avail MoverDeal Services?

Customers can simply logon to our web site, enter their details and type of service needed. Once we receive the same we verify the enquiry and thereafter the enquiry is opened for bidding among our empanelled service providers.

Once the customer is satisfied with the bids received, he/she can simply confirm the booking, make payments online and the service provider chosen shall fulfil the service as requested by the customer at the time of placing the request.

We make sure that until the booking is confirmed by the customer not service provider make unsolicited calls to the customer as we very much honor their privacy. Customers are only in touch with MoverDeal therefore there is only one singe contact point.

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What is your Future plan Gunjan? And how do you see your Startup in the coming years?

In coming months we will be increasing our service portfolio and bring in long haul trucking as a service which can be availed by the customers through our online platform. Once we enter this segment we would definitely require to expand our operations geographically and this is the time I believe we would open ourselves to seek funding for expansion.

What are the areas covered in Delhi? What time line has been set in expanding your business PAN India?

We currently cover the entire Delhi NCR. With long haul trucking services we intend to grow our PAN India reach by next 3-4 years.

Finally your advice for Budding Entrepreneurs Gunjan?

I would say just believe in yourself. That is the most important thing which would keep you focused towards your goal. I may sound very cliché but that’s the truth.

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