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Google establishes its second cloud region in India in Delhi.

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Google establishes its second cloud region in India in Delhi.

Google Cloud has opened its second location in India, in Delhi National Capital Region.

The move comes on the heels of Google’s 2017 launch of a Mumbai region in the country.
Google previously defined regions as three geographically distinct data centres, but has gradually relaxed that definition.

It now states that regions are divided into three zones. “Zones and regions are logical abstractions of the underlying physical resources provided by one or more physical data centres,” according to the company.

“These data centres may be owned and listed on the Google data centre location page, or they may be third-party data centre providers.”

It is unknown how many of the three Delhi zones are housed in third-party-leased facilities.

“Designed to assist both Indian and global businesses in developing highly available applications for their customers,” GC India managing director Bikram Singh Bedi said. “The Delhi NCR region is our second GC region in India and the tenth in Asia Pacific.”

Bedi worked at Amazon Web Services for six years, leading the company’s Indian strategy, before joining Google in February.

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