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Facebook signs first renewable energy deal in India

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Facebook signs first renewable energy deal in India

Facebook has made the country’s(India) first investment in renewable energy when it bought out Indian power projects in a year ago.

The clean energy company has inked [karnataka] plan to purchase 32MW of the Addison [British thermal units (million watt hours) of capacity] from CleanMax.”

“Due to the constraints that may exist with power supply to many facilities, we are working with forward-thinking corporations like Facebook to find innovative solutions,” says Andrew Hines, co-founder and chief commercial officer of CleanMax.

A CleanMax claims that the two corporations are in India will be working together to supply renewable energy to the electrical grid. Mumbai-based CleanMax will hold and manage the majority of the assets, but Facebook will buy off-grid electricity using carbon credits from the projects it.

Facebook goes 100 percent renewable

Urvi Parekh, Facebook’s Global Head of Energy, on the unveiling this project, is ecstatic about the positive effects that it will have in their Indian operations, as well as their international offices, and she stated that “we’re thrilled” to share the progress

We are excited to be able to add to the company’s efforts to make Indian grids cleaner and more sustainable in the near future, including to those that are focused on wind and solar power. We intend to maintain our strong commitment to the highest possible standards of environmental sustainability in all aspects of our operations, she said.

Parekh indicated to Reuters that the company works with renewable energy developers on developing power plants in order to obtain long-term power purchase agreements.

Facebook has a similar relationship with Sembcor in Singapore, who is working with Sunseap Gas and Semil (an energy company in Sembahn) on a project that will produce 160MW of solar power.

Additionally, this week the company revealed that as of 2020, the Facebook operations will be entirely powered by renewable energy. The company claims to have contracts in place for over six GW of wind and solar energy in 18 states and five countries, all of which are fully interconnected.

We have already achieved net-zero emissions for our operations, and have become one of the world’s largest renewable energy buyers, and clean energy investors, enabling $8 billion in investments in 63 projects worldwide locations, resulting in the creation of tens of thousands of jobs, according to Mark Zuckerberg said on his site “And thanks to our collaboration, we were able to achieve this milestone!”

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