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Datum Datacenters is acquired by UBS Asset Management.

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Datum Datacenters is acquired by UBS Asset Management.

UBS Asset Management has acquired Datum Datacentres, a provider of data centre services in the United Kingdom.

UBS Asset Management Real Estate & Private Markets acquired a 100 percent stake in Darwin Private Equity and stated that it will pursue site expansion and opportunities.

Datum operates the Datum FRN1 facility in the Farnborough-based QinetiQ Cody Technology Park. KeySource built the 40,000-square-foot (3,716-square-meter) facility in 2012 and said it uses adiabatic cooling to achieve a PUE of 1.25. To offset its energy consumption, the company has signed Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs).

“We are delighted to welcome UBS Asset Management as a long-term investor in Datum Datacentres,” said Dominic Phillips, CEO of Datum Datacentres. “This provides certainty for our clients and business partners, as well as ratifies our client-centric approach in everything we do, while also supporting our ambitions for operations growth.”

This is UBS’s second data centre investment this year. In June, the firm invested €50 million ($61.1 million) in the Lefdal Mine Datacenter to support the data center’s expansion beyond its current capacity of 20MW.

“This transaction represents an exciting investment opportunity in a rapidly growing and high-performing sector,” said Tommaso Albanese, global head and chief investment officer of UBS REPM’s Infrastructure division. “In addition to the asset’s performance, the facility’s market-leading energy efficiency, 100% renewable energy use, and carbon offsetting are consistent with UBS REPM’s broader ESG strategy and investment rationale.”

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