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Cybage extends assistance to impoverished people during difficult times by launching ‘Cybage Sanjivani’.

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Cybage extends assistance to impoverished people during difficult times by launching ‘Cybage Sanjivani’.

Cybage, a global information technology company, today announced the launch of ‘Cybage Sanjivani,’ an initiative to support economically disadvantaged families during distressing times. This long-term initiative aims to assist them in coping with financial distress caused by untimely deaths during the pandemic’s second wave. Cybage has pledged a first contribution of INR 25 crores to the relief fund. This corpus’s sole purpose is to assist families in the event of the death of the sole earner. Eligible applicants may submit their financial aid requests online at and may also contact with any questions.

“Cybage provides term life insurance to its employees, which entitles the bereaved person’s family to seven times their annual salary, in addition to job creation for a family member and the extension of other benefits as appropriate. Regrettably, there are no such support systems in place for the unorganised sector. Certain segments of society were already struggling financially over the last year, and now, tragically, untimely deaths associated with COVID-19’s second wave have completely destroyed many homes. While the loss of a loved one is irreplaceable, we can certainly do more than send our thoughts and prayers to the families affected. As a result, Cybage will provide financial assistance and care to those in need,” Cybage’s CEO and MD, Arun Nathani, stated.

Furthermore, the organisation has increased funding for its two foundations, CybageAsha and CybageKhushboo. Cybage’s twin CSR arms are doubling down on pre-pandemic initiatives focused on rural upliftment and education, in addition to the COVID-19-induced focus on the country’s medical infrastructure.

“Given the country’s current situation, the country urgently requires sufficient ventilators and intensive care units (ICUs), which are critical lifesaving necessities in the fight against COVID-19. We are committed to assisting hospitals. We hope that our modest and ongoing assistance to this critical situation will not only meet an immediate need but also accelerate India’s healthcare readiness,” said Ritu Nathani, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Director at Cybage.

Cybage has donated several ventilators and intensive care units to various hospitals in Maharashtra over the last year. Additionally, numerous projects aimed at sustaining livelihoods and supplying essentials have been initiated and implemented in the Cybage-adopted communities. Cybage is continually inspired by the humanity and fortitude of frontline workers and critical service providers who have dedicated their lives to the pandemic fight.

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