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Corona Warriors – Proved yet again that Nation is First

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Mohinder Singh – Retired junior commissioned officer (JCO) from the Army donated  his gratuity, pension and earning for Covid19 Relief – Truly a Corona Warrior

Corona, Covid19To combat the corona virus, Mohinder Singh, a retired junior commissioned officer (JCO) from the Army, donated Rs 15.11 lakh from the gratuity, pension and earnings to the Prime Minister’s relief fund. This soldier’s act is being praised by everyone.

He said, “Whatever I have obtained, I have obtained from this nation. Now I am returning the money of the nation for the nation in the corona war.”

The courageous man, who misplaced one eye in the 1971 Indo-Pak struggle, reached Punjab and Sind Bank on Thursday with his spouse Suman Chaudhary and handed over the cheque to the supervisor. Retired JCO Singh added, “I am now 85 years old. Where do I need to take the money? I am glad that people are coming forward to donate the needy.”. The couple said that they have two sons working in Germany and Vietnam and their girl is in Delhi.

Shri Subhash Chandra Banerjee – Retired college professor form Kolkata


This is a retired college professor form Kolkata, Shri Subhash Chandra Banerjee. He is 82. He lives alone in a small flat in Dumdum area of Kolkata. Most of his modest pension is spent on medicines.
Yesterday he stood outside his building and flagged a police party doing the lock down rounds.
Seeing his age and frail condition, the cops thought he was in distress and rushed to him.
Instead he invited them into his home. As they sat wondering what the octogenarian is up to, he wrote out a cheque for Rupees 10,000/- for the State Covid 19 Relief Fund and handed it over to them.
He apologised to the cops for asking them to do this out of turn task, as he is not sure how to go about on line transactions. This donation from the heart is priceless. There are scores of so-called ordinary citizens of our country who are displaying extra-ordinary character and citizenship. And giving us a glimpse of their huge hearts. Goosebumps moment.

Reshma Mohandas (COVID-19 +) nurse in Kottayam Medical College, Kerala


This is Reshma Mohandas, the nurse in Kottayam Medical College, Kerala who got infected with COVID-19 while treating two elderly patients. She has just been discharged today. In this picture her colleagues are seeing her off as she is going home.

Her message to her colleagues? I am ready to come back and work in the Covid-19 ward after 14 days!! Celebrating our healthcare workers who are one among the real fighters during this pandemic.

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