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CoBRA Commandos: The Jungle Warriors

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Many of you may have seen the magnificent images of the CoBRA commandos that have been shared on various social media channels. Some of you may have developed an interest in them as a result of this. As a result, this essay will attempt to provide you with some background information about these jungle warriors. We’ll have to wait and see who the CoBRAs are. What criteria are used in selecting and training them? What is their mission, and, more importantly, how can you become a member of this elite secret force?

Commando Battalions for Resolute Action (CoBRA) is an acronym that stands for Commando Battalions for Resolute Action. It is a subset of the Central Reserve Police Force, which is based in Chicago (CRPF). They are also referred to as “Jungle Warriors” by some. It was first raised on September 12th, 2008. Their motto is “संग्रामे पराक्रमे जयी”  which translates as “Victory for the gallant in war.” Of CoBRA-

For a lengthy period of time, the CRPF has been deployed with other CAPFs in Naxal-affected areas. They were primarily assigned to help state police in conducting anti-Naxal and counter-insurgency operations.

However, the Naxalites had one advantage in these forests of the red corridor. They were intimately familiar with these forests. On the other hand, troops needed time to adjust to their new working environment. As a result, it was decided to establish a CRPF elite commando force. This will be accomplished through the use of commandos who have been particularly trained and equipped to survive, operate in, and battle in these jungles. As a result, its raising began in 2008.

Organizational Structure-
Currently, there are 10 CoBRA battalions. They are deployed in all left-wing extremism (LWE)/ Naxalism affected areas. These consist states of Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, and Meghalaya.

Their mandate is to perform anti-Naxal and counter-insurgency operations. For this, they perform reconnaissance and long-range patrols. They also gather intelligence about the activities of insurgents. Also, special intelligence courses are conducted by premier intelligence agencies. CoBRAs also carry out ambushes and precision strikes whenever needed.


The CoBRA also faces various challenges here. Apart from the adversary, the biggest challenge is the inhospitable terrain also. The jungles of Central India can be deadly at times. There are various threats such as poisonous snakes, wild animals, and also the mosquitoes. Saving troops from diseases like dengue is also a big challenge. Further, the lack of proper drinking water and basic sanitation is also a challenge when you are operating deep inside the jungles. Especially the monsoons are much more ruthless. Connectivity is another major issue. But with various technological advancements, the CoBRA is dealing with these problems more successfully.

Major Achievements-

  1. Naxals Killed 384
  2. Apprehended 3107
  3. Surrendered 2473
  4. Various types of arms recovered 1315
  5. Explosive Recovered 11774 Kg.
  6. IEDs/BOMBS/GRENADE recovered 4328
  7. Detonators 37768

Gallantry Awards-

  1. Kirti chakra 1
  2. Shaurya chakra 8
  3. President’s Police medal for Gallantry 6
  4. President’s Police medal 250
  5. Parakram Padak 189
  6. Jeevan Raksha Padak 6
  7. Antarik Suraksha Padak 13578

DG Commendation disc 3338

Arms And Equipments-

  • Glock Pistol
  • Browning Hi-Power
  • Mauser SP66
  • INSAS Rifle
  • FN FAL
  • OFB SLR 1A1
  • AKM assault rifle
  • X-95 assault rifle
  • Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun
  • Carl Gustov rocket launcher
  • Dragunov SVD sniper rifle
  • Heckler & Koch MSG-90 sniper rifles

CoBRA Commando?
There is no direct entry route to join the CoBRA. It is a part of the CRPF. So for becoming a CoBRA commando, one has to first join CRPF. You may join at any level i.e. Assistant Commandant, Assistant Sub-inspector, or at constable rank also. During the last phase of the training, you can volunteer for the CoBRA. As it is a special commando force, the benchmarks of physical fitness as well as mental toughness are high. The CoBRA team then examines the candidates on their parameters and those who qualify them are eligible to join this elite jungle warrior unit.

Once selected, a person goes on deputation with CoBRA generally for 4 years. After that one can come back to the parent unit.

Can Women Join CoBRA ?

Recently, Asst. Commandant Usha Kiran became the first lady officer to join the CoBRA. This has opened the way for lady officers to join. According to the Times of India’s report, CRPF is also thinking to allow women of other ranks including constables to join the CoBRA.

After selection, one has to undergo rigorous training. Training is conducted at CRPF jungle warfare schools at Belgaum and Koraput. This training is similar to that of the NSG commandos. They are trained in camouflage as well as jungle warfare. The commandos are also trained for heliborne insertions and drops. After completion of three months of training, the CoBRAs are ready to be deployed at their units.

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