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EdgeConneX – Adani to build 1 GW of Data Centre Capability

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EdgeConneX – Adani data centre : Adani Enterprises, the Adani Group’s flagship firm, and EdgeConneX, a global data centre operator with 50 facilities in 30 markets around the world, announced the formation of a 50/50 joint venture.

“The JV will develop and operate data centres throughout India, leveraging the two partners complementary expertise and capabilities,” the company said in a regulatory filing.

Both organisations are committed to investing substantial capital in the joint venture to develop India’s leading green data centre platform in the next ten years to meet the rapidly expanding need for high quality and reliable IT infrastructure.

India currently has one of the largest data subscribers in the world and, in order to address the need for a reliable infrastructure to support cloud, content, network, IoT, 5G, AI and business requirements, data centres are a key infrastructure need of a nation. The Adani Group brings to the table a unique combination of green power, real estate expertise, access to underwater cable landing stations and a number of nodes across the country that will serve as edge locations, said Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group.

EdgeConneX – Adani data centre is pushing to be powered by renewable energy comes in the midst of expectations that India’s digital economy will reach $1 trillion by 2025. The data centre provides the necessary, secure architecture where computing and networking equipment is concentrated for the collection, storage, processing, distribution or access of large amounts of data.

These plans are part of the Indian Reserve Bank’s data localization standards, requiring the need to set up such centres to store and protect information. Data localization refers to the storage of data on any device that is physically present within the borders of the country where the data is generated.

AdaniConneX JV will focus on developing a network of hyperscale data centres in India, starting with the Chennai, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Vizag and Hyderabad markets.

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